The "Double G" Pop

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The "Double G" Pop

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Two sizes in one toy!

      Even if you're not G-spot aware, the "Double G" doesn't know that! Once inserted, the vagina closes around the ball, literally pulling it inside. With the small shaft, the ball also has a tendency to be held inside, unlike a dildo or vibrator that can easily be pushed out. Use a small stroking motion with pressure up towards the G-Spot. The smooth round shape will start to stimulate the erectile tissue to the point that you will be able to direct more pressure to that area, or direct your partner where it feels the best.

There is also the added bonus of giving your kegel muscles a workout as you contract around the ball. This strengthening will increase the intensity of your orgasms over time. PRO TIP: Take your kegel workout, up a notch. Alone, or better yet, with a partner, pull the toy until it is almost exiting the vaginal canal. Then, draw it back in. hold onto it. Give it some resistance! You really get to focus on that core muscle group, that you're using to pull it back in, and if you're using it with a partner, they get a great view. It's a win win all around that will have you working out every night... #HungryHungryHippo style

    The smaller end of the S/M "Double G" pop is 1 3/8  the large end is 1 7/8. 

     Start with the smaller size and once your body has mastered it, move to the larger size to increase the surface area of G-Spot contact.

     The smaller end of the small/medium is also wonderful for releasing trigger points within the vaginal canal, similar to the "Therawand"

     Made from surgical grade Stainless Steel, non porous acrylic material and held together with medical grade glue. Therefore, it's completely Hypo Allergenic.

     To clean simply wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, you can also safely use your favorite toy cleaner. We recommend water-based lube for use with the "Double G" pop, for easier clean up for yourself and your toy. Silicone lube is also safe to use.

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