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Hot Octopuss Easy Cuffs

These stylish, lightweight, and fully accessible silicone restraints are a perfect match for those looking to experiment in light bondage. The Easy Cuffs from Hot Octopuss slide onto your wrist and ankles easily, but give some resistance when trying to slide out. The absence of any tightening mechanics means these restraints are ideal for couples looking to explore BDSM but do not feel comfortable with cuffs that lock or buckle.

The flexibility of silicone allows for a wider range of actions and movements while these cuffs are worn. Experiment with sexual positions that can benefit from the maneuverability and control these cuffs provide. Made entirely of silicone, these cuffs are easy to clean and are less likely to cause a ruckus at the TSA line.

  • Silicone wrist & ankle restraints
  • No keys or locks required
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable & Flexible
  • Excellent for advanced or beginner BDSM