Joe Snyder Jockstrap


The Joe Snyder Jockstrap style men`s underwear is a sexy design with no covering at the rear, but straps that hold everything where it should be. Jockstrap style underwear is very comfortable, providing support for your package while keeping that commando feeling behind. There are sporty styles for when you want to minimize sweating as you get active, or there are more seductive styles for a look that promises passion.


Joe Snyder designs are certainly something to get excited about. For a ultra-sexy look, check out the Pride Frame style that has a cut out section at the front that points towards to your bulge. Or how about the daring Cheek Hug that shows off a tantalizing amount of skin? There is also the Activewear style that has a wider waistband, so you can look hot at the gym. Fab for day wear, fun for night wear, there`s always a reason to wear a Joe Snyder Jockstrap.