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Both healthy and fun, JOYBALLS can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles contributing to a healthier sex life, increased sensation, and stronger orgasms. The irregular shaped metal balls inside the JOYBALLS continue to move with every subtle movement you make causing a vibration sensation, while you squeeze and flex the pelvis floor to keep them in place. Whether for the exercise or simply to 'warm up' for your partner JOYBALLS are a perfect addition to any toy box. Designed for easy retrieval the string allows the balls to be used interactively with your partner as part of foreplay.

Dipped in 100% silicone for a smooth, seamless texture, JOYBALLS are hypoallergenic and easy to clean with simple soap and water, or boil if you wish. Use water based, silicone friendly lubricants for best results to maintain the quality of the material.

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