ScreamingO Charged OWow


Rechargeable rings, oh wow!

Product Description:

The Screaming-O Owow Charged is a powerful and rechargeable vibrating cock ring. The unique, low-pitch motor emits rumbling vibrations for a deeply penetrating sensations. The stretchy, snug fitting ring holds the vibrating ring in place, and the textured nubs add an extra tickle.

While they work beautifully together, the removable bullet can be used on its own for classic external play, and the ring can be used without vibration. 

Any way you use it, this is a great couples toy: a shared experience that will make you both go Owow!


Phalate-free and latex-free SEBS and ABS materials


10 pulsing functions
Easy, one-touch controls
USB charging cable
One size fits most


Total Length: 2"
Bullet Length: 2.5"
Ring outer diameter: 1.5"
Ring inner diameter: 0.75"