Spark Ignition PRV-03 Vibrating Prostate Massager

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We aren't mechanics over here. Shocking, we know! BUT, we do know one thing: to get a motor running, you need a spark. And yes, we also know that this doesn't apply to every single engine ever (ie: diesel). Here's a third thing we know, for good measure. When we're talking about a non-literal engine (the sexy kind), a Spark can't hurt either, particularly this one - the Spark Ignition PRV-03 prostate massager.  

Sliding smoothly into your or your prostate owning partner's derriere, the super-sleek Ignition PRV-03 is tipped by a contoured swell that flows into lots of curviness down below. Shaped strategically to hit every anal sweet spot, the PRV-02 also seeks out the sensitive p-spot with ease. The base (which we'll come back to in a moment) features more curviness and contouring that presses against the perineum- an often overlooked but extra pleasurable erogenous zones. Oh, and can we talk about the PRV-03's color/pattern?! The slightly metallic surface looks almost woven, but don't worry, it's as smooth as silk.

Like any good butt toy, this Spark features a big widespread base that essentially anchors to the outside of your body to prevent any too-deep slips. You'll be able to play worry free, and also insert, remove and adjust the massager comfortably. On the topic of adjustment, the PRV-03 is meant to be used hands-free - once inserted, your/his anal muscles should take over, moving the plug along with internal flexing.

Studded though the base, a removable and 100% optional vibe sends 10 modes of deep, throbbing stimulation along the entire shape. Cue up vibration using a single push button.

The Ignition PRV-03 comes to you in the safest, most hygienic material available - pure premium silicone. Completely hypoallergenic, non-reactive and safe for sensitive skin, this massager is also extra easy to clean. Some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam will do the trick for everyday clean up, but if you want to be really thorough, this plug can be boiled or bleached (remove the vibe first!). The PRV-03 is compatible with any favorite water-based lube, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products. Requires 1 AAA battery (sold separately). Waterproof.