Stainless Steel Anal Hook 6.5" X 4 " , 3/4" ball

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For intense BDSM exploration and advanced predicament play, this DOMINIX hook ensures your sub maintains perfect posture while enjoying profound anal or vaginal pleasure. Try attaching ropes and restraints to the ring for truly trussed-up gratification.


With a medium-sized nickel-free steel ball and 6 inches of insertable length, this impressive hook pulls and stretches, while spreading internal sensations for maximum arousal.


Perfect for pleasure or punishment, the firm ball and dramatic curve combine to make precise G-spot or P-spot massage a cinch. Insert anally or vaginally and manually press, twist and turn the hook for intense orgasmic sensations.


Alternatively, experiment by attaching the ring end to a collar, rope or chain to explore the teasing-yet-torturous fun of predicament bondage play.


Please note: This stainless steel anal hook features a detachable aluminium ball for easy cleaning. Make sure you tighten the ball before every use for total safety.


Key Features:

  • Solid stainless steel anal hook for experienced predicament bondage players
  • 3/4 "Wide ball gives widespread sensations for precise G-spot or P-spot stimulation
  • 6 inches of insertable stainless steel makes sure that they stay just where you want them to.
  • Try attaching the top ring to a fixed object , the persons hair or even to another person.