Stainless Steel Jewel Butt Plug- Large


Sparkly Fun for your Behind!

Product Description:
The DreamToys Stainless Steel Jewel plugs are luxurious and functional anal toys.  These 100% Surgical Stainless Steel plugs are designed for a comfortable fit and long life. They weigh more than most plugs, which means the body is constantly aware of its presence. The real crystal gemstones finish off the plug beautifully and attract lots of attention to the wearing party. These are true works of art. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations made of questionable materials and acrylic gems.  All DreamToys Stainless Steel Jewel plugs include a one time lifetime replacement warranty. 

Surgical Stainless Steel
Glass gemstones

100% Stainless Steel
Retains temperature 
All Lubricant Friendly
Lasts Forever
Seamless Toy
Limited LIFETIME Warranty
Basic Storage Box
Easy to clean & store

Length:  9cm
Width: 4cm
Weight: 420g