The Cross and The Trinity by Elizabeth Lister


turning into a nightmare of too many late nights at work and not enough time to connect. Tate knows Sebastian is feeling neglected but he can’t disappoint his boss.

Sebastian knows Tate loves him but he hardly gets to spend any time with his boyfriend.

When the situation becomes desperate and their relationship suffers, can an old friend help them keep it together? A friend that haunts Tate’s dreams and won’t seem to fade into the background?

James has moved on, but a chance encounter with his former sub — drunk, feverish and full of rage at a perceived betrayal — forces him to confront the man who chose to leave him.

Can he put his intense feelings for his former sub aside to help Tate and Sebastian save their relationship?

When an unconventional solution presents itself, the three men test the waters of mutual attraction, understanding, and communication to create a new possibility, one that becomes stronger and more ideal the further it is explored.