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Unaked Get Naked Hemp Enhanced Sensual Cosmetics

Get Naked includes a 50 mL bottle of Hemptations massage oil  

The perfect way to relieve stress, anxiety and tension.

Our Decadent Massage Oil blend is the perfect way to relieve stress, anxiety and tension.
100% plant-based, luxury essential oils are combined to organic hemp oil provide silky glide to help you relax at a faster and deeper level, making it possible for a greater release of stress, relieve of muscle aches and pains and more.


Also included:


The Life is a Beach Bath Bomb 

The solution for stressed out minds. This fragrant luxury transports your mind to an exotic beach. The mood-boosting citrusy essential oil blends combined with floral aromas help you be more relaxed and worry-free while decadent botanical and hemp extracts leave your skin with a tropical glow.