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The perfect gift, all year around. 

Product Description:
Made by the ingenious experts at Crave, the Vesper is both elegant and discreet as jewelry and as a strong, slender vibrator. Made from stainless steel, nickel-free and richly covered in layers of Silver, Rose Gold or pure 24 Carat Gold, this vibrator is the epitome of luxury and practicality. Crave Vesper is a beautiful necklace with a mischievous pendant, a symbol for the self-confident person who claims their pleasure.

Rose Gold and 24 Carat Gold available in store only depending on availability. 

Stainless Steel

Silver, Rose Gold, 24 Carat Gold

Whisper Quiet
Splash Proof
Runtime: 40min - 1.5hr depending on frequency of use
4 Total Settings: Low, Medium, High and Pulsating.
Vesper is the RedDot Award 2015 winner for High Quality & Design.

Full length: 9.5 cm
Diameter: 0.7 cm
Chain Length: 26 Inch / 66 cm nickel-free chain


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Customer Testimonial:

"The Crave necklace vibe has become one of our staples in and out of the bedroom! Don't be fooled by its size/ it packs a punch. Being so small and thin, we can take this anywhere. Literally. Usb charge port is amazing for travel and home use... Not to mention fun trips in the car ;) besides its size and the sleek look of it, I love the strength of the Crave and its speed options. Using it on myself it's a great quick go-to; using it with my husband has proven to be even more fun! He absolutely loves the control he has with it. 
-It can fit anywhere and not interfere because of its size: using it on your clit during sex is an obvious one- but using a larger vibrator i find just gets in the way and can be distracting and cumbersome. Pound away-this won't be a bother! 
-It fits perfectly against your clit inside a strap-on ... For those of you interested in pegging or for two women- it's strong and stays in place! 
-Great for nipple, ball, and ass play- again the size and strength play a huge factor. It's not heavy so you can be as light or forceful and be still in complete and precise control. 
- the tip is great for exploring your perfect clit spot... Most recently that was a fun and informative night! 
- it's also beautiful...For a vibe necklace- it's sleek and discreet to the point where I've had people ask me where i got my 'beautiful necklace'! The three metal chain choices make it individual and will go with most outfits! 
-The only thing I don't like is it doesn't give much warning for when it's about to die... So just keep it charged!
-if it were waterproof, this toy would be heaven on earth... But it's basically bliss on earth! 
Love the crave!"