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Whip It Vac-U-Lock Flogger Accessory

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A daringly designed Vac-U-Lock accessory, versatile as all the core pieces from this line, but geared excitingly toward some of the more fetish-heavy sexual sceanrios, Doc Johnson's Whip It is both a decadently high end leather flogger, and a Vac-U-Lock plug, compatible with any piece from the huge collection of Vac-U-Lock components.

Long and supple, the 14 1/2 inch (37cm) leather tail portion of the Whip It is suited to all kinds of play, from tickly teasing to stinging slaps. The opposite end features the fantastic VAC-U-Lock plug, which doubles as a sturdy precision handle. Simply push your accessory of choice onto the plug and enjoy.

Must be Paired with a VacULock dildo