SOS: Which Lube Should I Use?

Lube, the bread and butter of intimate products, is often underestimated and overlooked, and is a sure fire avenue to add some spice to your sex life. A personal lubricant works to reduce friction between your skin and the person/toy/body part(s) you’re getting hot and steamy with 😉 

MYTH BUSTING: Lube is only needed to “fix” a sexual problem, like vaginal dryness. This is simply NOT true! There are many factors that can affect vaginal lubrication such as: stress, anxiety, menopause, pregnancy, medications, breastfeeding, menstruation, and immune disorders (among a whole plethora of other things!)

So, what's the lowdown on lubricants?


There's the water-based variety, your trusty option, primarily composed of water. It seamlessly absorbs into your skin, ensuring smoothness, though it might necessitate reapplication for longer or more intense session. Typically the least irritating, it often incorporates natural moisturizers. Compatible with all toys and barrier methods, it won't leave unsightly stains on sheets or clothing.

PRO TIP: We recommend choosing lubricants that are free from glycerine and parabens

Glycerine is a metabolic by-product of sugar that can contribute to overgrowth of yeast and potentially cause yeast infections.

Parabens are a group of chemicals used as preservatives and there is evidence to suggest that parabens can mess with people’s hormones and increase chances of certain cancers. While there are still debates on this we prefer to stay away from parabens when choosing lubricants.

Sutil by Hathor. Made in Canada.

Jo Agape Lubricant


Silicone-based lubricant is the equivalent of luxurious silk sheets in the world of personal lubricants. Its ultra-smooth formula doesn't absorb into the skin, promising enduring pleasure. It's water-resistant, making it the go-to for shower escapades. Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive bodies, but a word of caution—using it with silicone toys might not bode well for the toys (condoms are fine), and it could leave stains.

Customer favourite: Uberlube


Jo Xtra Silky



Now, enter the marathon runners of lubricants—oil-based options. Beloved for their endurance, they pull double duty as massage oils. However, they can interfere with specific barrier methods, especially latex condoms. The oil weakens latex, increasing the risk of breakage. 


Pleasure Pods

Hybrid Lubes

Hybrid-based lubricants marry water and silicone formulas, aiming for the best of both worlds. The result? A longer-lasting, silky feel akin to silicone with the toy compatibility of water-based lube.

Sliquid Silk


 Lube + Toy = are they compatible? 

Now, the puzzle of toy compatibility: If your toy is made of hard materials like stone, plastic, glass, or stainless steel, any lubricant will do. For silicone toys, stick to water-based or a touch of silicone hybrid to avoid any stickiness.

For anal play, opt for enduring options like thicker water-based, hybrid, or silicone lubes. If using silicone toys, lean towards water or hybrid to preserve your toys.

Shower enthusiast? Silicone lubes are your go-to for water adventures, but be cautious—it could turn your bath into a potential slip 'n' slide.

Concerned about condoms? Most oil-based lubricants play traitor, weakening latex. Stick to water-based or hybrid for a safer encounter.

Had unpleasant experiences with lubricants? Many pharmacy options contain irritants. Check for parabens, glycerin, sugars, or fragrances. Opt for pH-balanced formulas from reliable brands like Hathor & Sliquid.

There you have it! Your no-nonsense guide to lube.