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    Ajoutez un peu de plaisir de niveau supérieur à votre vie sexuelle avec un anneau pénien vibrant fidèle. Le buzz
    les vibrations vous procurent du plaisir pendant le jeu en solo et en couple ! Le jouet discret qui fera dire à votre bite : "OUI, OUI, MILLE FOIS OUI !"
    16 items
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    Adore U - DUO - Double Anneau Vibrant
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    We-Vibe Pivot - Wicked Wanda's Inc.
    We-Vibe Pivot - Anneau Pénis Vibrant avec App Control
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    Verge by We-Vibe - Wicked Wanda's Inc.
    We-Vibe Verge - Anneau Pénis Vibrant et Masseur Périnée
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    A cock ring is a circular device made from various materials, such as silicone, rubber, metal, or leather, designed to be worn around the base of the penis or the penis and testicles together. It restricts blood flow from leaving the penis, potentially leading to a firmer and longer-lasting erection. Cock rings are used primarily to enhance sexual performance and pleasure for both the wearer and their partner. They can also offer a sensation of increased sensitivity.

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    There are several types of penis rings available, each with its own features and benefits. Here are some common types of penis rings:

    1. Basic Silicone or Rubber Rings: These are simple, stretchy rings made from materials like silicone or rubber. They are easy to put on and remove and are a good option for beginners.
    2. Adjustable Rings: Adjustable rings allow you to customize the fit to your comfort. They often have snaps, Velcro, or other mechanisms to adjust the size.
    3. Vibrating Rings: These rings have a built-in vibrating component that can provide additional stimulation for both the wearer and their partner. Some vibrating rings even come with remote controls for more convenience.
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    Cock rings work by constricting the blood flow out of the penis, which can lead to various potential effects, primarily aimed at enhancing and prolonging sexual experiences. Here's how they work:

    1. Erection Enhancement: When a penis becomes erect, blood flows into the erectile tissues, causing the penis to swell and become rigid. A cock ring is typically placed at the base of the penis, and its tightness helps to restrict the outflow of blood from the erectile tissues. This can result in a fuller, firmer, and potentially longer-lasting erection. The constriction caused by the cock ring essentially traps the blood within the penis, contributing to the enhanced engorgement.
    2. Sensation and Sensitivity: The constriction created by a cock ring can increase sensitivity in the penis, which may lead to heightened pleasure during sexual activity. This can be pleasurable for both the wearer and their partner.
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    Choose the Right Fit: Opt for an adjustable or stretchy silicone ring for a comfortable fit, especially if you're new to using cock rings. When adjusting, aim for snugness without causing numbness. For added stimulation, consider a vibrating cock ring.

    Trim Pubic Hair: Prior to your first use, trim or shave your pubic hair. This prevents the cock ring from tugging on hair during intercourse.

    Apply Lubrication: Use lube on both the cock ring and your penis. This aids easy application and reduces friction if the ring shifts during sex.

    Apply When Semi-Erect: Put on the cock ring when your penis is semi-erect. Avoid putting it on when flaccid, as it might limit blood flow. If fully erect, it could be challenging to position correctly.

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    Here are a few ways in which a cock ring can provide sexual benefits:

    Assistance with Erectile Dysfunction: If maintaining an erection is a challenge for you or your partner, a cock ring might offer help. By restricting blood flow from leaving the penis after it becomes erect, the cock ring effectively traps blood inside, prolonging the duration of the erection.

    Enhanced Pleasure: Wearing a cock ring can intensify sexual pleasure. It sustains engorgement and sensitivity in the penis, heightening sensations during intercourse. Additionally, it could lead to increased girth, making penetrative sex more fulfilling for your partner. Innovative variations like vibrating cock rings not only stimulate you but also provide clitoral or anal stimulation, enhancing pleasure for both partners.

    Alleviation of Performance Anxiety: For those facing performance anxiety or pressure related to maintaining an erection, a cock ring can offer relief. By easing nervousness, it boosts confidence, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience. This shift in focus permits you to immerse yourself in the sexual encounter rather than being preoccupied with erection concerns.

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    The general we recommend limiting cock ring use to around 20 to 30 minutes. Although the temporary restriction of blood flow is typically safe in short intervals, likened to wearing a tight rubber band on a finger, prolonged wear can lead to discomfort. Read more

    A cock ring is designed to constrict blood flow, creating a
    sensation of tightness. However, this tightness should not reach a level where it interrupts your circulation. The experience should encompass enjoyable
    pressure rather than uncomfortable constriction.
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