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Club Debauchery

Ottawa’s fantasy themed, sex positive erotics arts space!

19 + ONLY

Featuring beautifully appointed theme rooms, fully stocked dungeon, suspension rigging room, boudoir, medical spa and state-of-the-art shower. This downtown location is the perfect space for rentals, play parties, rope practice, photo and film shoots.

Our space can be rented for private member use or rent the whole space for your next event! Click HERE for more information

We can help you plan and host your very own sex positive adult event!

We are a gender inclusive, kink, BDSM and swinger friendly space available to the experienced lifestyle community and the curious!

Sponsored by Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium

Check out Club Debauchery's Events HERE

Check out our membership HERE


Club Debauchery is an educational & artistic community space designed with sex positivity and inclusivity in mind. It is the first adult club of its kind in Ottawa and as such is committed to listening to and evolving with the lifestyle, kink and sex positive communities of Ottawa-Gatineau and the surrounding region. We hold monthly beginner to advanced educational workshops and demonstrations in order to ensure that the community is safe, sane, consensual and informed about the risks, responsibilities and benefits that go along with BDSM, kink and sex positive lifestyles.

Our space is gender and sexuality inclusive. We will not be asking gender except in very specific swingers community or privately booked events. Membership to the club does not require gender disclosure.

Club Debauchery is a SAFE and OPEN space for people to explore the full potential of their sexuality, learn more about BDSM, kink and lifestyle communities and create unique, sex positive events for Ottawans and visitors to Ottawa. We have strict Rules & Regulations intended to ensure the safety and comfort of all members.

We strive to make our space as accessible as possible however we must note that the Club is currently located on the second floor of an older, non-wheelchair accessible building. We will make every effort possible to assist those users who require aid with stairs and with proper notice, we can arrange such assistance. Please get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Check out Club Debauchery's website HERE for more information