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    Welcome to our collection of penis toys, where pleasure knows no bounds! From cock rings to masturbation sleeves, chastity devices to extenders, and pumps to pleasure-enhancing wonders, we've got it all. Our diverse selection of penis toys is designed to cater to every desire and take your pleasure to exhilarating heights.


    143 items
    Spinner by Tenga - Wicked Wanda's Inc.
    Masturbateur Tenga Spinner
    Anneau pénien Fun Factory NŌS
    Fun Factory MANTA Vibrant Stroker
    Fun Factory Cobra Libre ii
    Tenga Pocket Cold Spark
    Romp Dash Manual Masturbator Soft Stroker
    Pow arconde
    Hot Octopuss ATOM Cock Ring
    Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS Cock Ring
    Voy par Arcwave
    Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux
    Pipedream Analfantasy Ass-Gasm Cockring Débutant Plug Slim
    Adore U Höm - Super Realistic Pussy & Ass
    Fun Factory - Sexe de niveau supérieur
    Satisfyer Homme Vibration +
    Dorcel Power Pump Pro
    Autoblow AI - Wicked Wanda's Inc.
    Autoblow IA+
    OXBALLS Humpballs, Cockring
    Ensemble Cockring Oxballs Truckt
    Doc Johnson Titanmen C-Ring Set - Wicked Wanda's Inc.
    Ensemble d'anneaux en C Doc Johnson Titanmen
    Sangle 3 anneaux Oxballs Tri Sport
    Oxballs Pack de 6 Cockrings Sport - Noir
    Oxballs Oxsling Cocksling
    OXBALLS Z-Balls BallStretcher
    Oxballs - Cock Lock Chastity en clair
    OXBALLS Meatlocker Chastity
    Oxballs Unit X Sport Cocksling
    Oxballs Cock-T - Cockring - Black

    Penis Toy FAQs

    Penis toys, also known as male sex toys or pleasure devices, come in various forms and designs to enhance sexual pleasure and exploration for individuals with penises. Here are some different types of penis toys:

    1. Masturbators: These toys are designed to simulate the sensation of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. They come in various textures, shapes, and sizes. Some popular options include pocket pussies, strokers, and sleeves.
    2. Vibrating Rings: These are designed to be worn around the base of the penis or the penis and testicles. They have a small vibrator attached that provides stimulation for both the wearer and their partner during intercourse.
    3. Penis Pumps: These devices create a vacuum around the penis to temporarily increase blood flow, potentially resulting in a firmer erection. Some people also use them for temporary size enhancement, although the effects are temporary.
    4. Cock Sleeves and Extensions: These toys are designed to add length or girth to the penis, either for aesthetic purposes or to provide a different sensation during intercourse.

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    Masturbators, also known as male masturbators or strokers, are a type of sex toy designed to provide sexual pleasure to people with penises. They typically teature a textured sleeve that is designed to simulate the feeling of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Read more here

    Cock rings work by maintaining blood within the erectile tissues of the penis, which can result in a more engorged and rigid erection. Some individuals also find that cock rings can delay ejaculation, leading to prolonged sexual activity. Read more

    The key feature of a penis vibrator is its ability to vibrate. It contains a small motor that generates vibrations, which can be adjusted to different intensities. When the vibrator is turned on, the vibrations can stimulate the penis and the surrounding areas, including the partner during sexual activity. This added sensation can enhance arousal and potentially lead to more intense orgasms.

    Check out our best selling penis vibrators! The Manta by Fun Factory and Cobra Libre ii by Fun Factory

    Penis pumps are devices designed to create a vacuum around the penis, leading to increased blood flow and temporary enlargement. They are primarily used to assist with erectile difficulties or as a means of exploring temporary size enhancement. Penis pumps typically consist of a cylindrical tube and a hand-operated or battery-powered pump mechanism.

    Read more about penis pumps!

    These toys are designed to add length or girth to the penis, either for aesthetic purposes or to provide a different sensation during intercourse.

    Find out more here

    Penis plugs and sounds are specialized types of sexual accessories used for urethral play, a form of sexual exploration that involves inserting objects into the urethra. Read more

    These devices are used for BDSM and fetish play. They restrict the ability to achieve a full erection and are often used in submissive and dominant dynamics. Read more

    Penis electrostimulation devices, also known as e-stim or electrosex devices, are specialized sexual accessories that use electrical currents to provide unique sensations and stimulation to the penis and surrounding genital areas. These devices are often used in BDSM, fetish play, and other forms of sexual exploration, but they should be used with caution and proper knowledge to ensure safety. Read more

    Penis Pleasure

    It’s common knowledge that the penis is a major area of sexual pleasure, but there are also many myths and misconceptions regarding penis norms. Let's expand your knowledge about penis pleasure so that you can level up your solo or partnered play. 

    Cock Rings 101

    Up your pleasure with cock rings! Discover the Secret to Longer-lasting, Intensified Pleasure.

    Best Budget Stroker!

    Having previously tested and reviewed higher end products, my expectations were tempered for this little bad boy; they would soon be blown out of the water thanks to the Tenga's uniquely sensual design. The main feature of the toy is the inner spiral ribbing of silicone nubs, cleverly engineered to stimulate all parts of the penis.

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