What is a Gaff?

What is a Gaff?

A gaff is a type of undergarment that is designed to create a smooth, flat appearance in the genital area, typically for transgender women or crossdressers. It is usually worn under tight-fitting clothing to conceal the penis and create a more feminine appearance.

A gaff is typically made of a stretchy, form-fitting material like spandex or nylon, and is designed to be worn tightly against the skin. It may feature a padded or reinforced front panel that helps to flatten and conceal the genital area.

Some gaffs may also feature additional padding or shaping in the hip or buttock area, which can help to create a more feminine silhouette. Gaffs may be available in different styles, such as thong, bikini, or brief, and may be available in a range of colors and materials.

It's important to choose a gaff that fits well and is comfortable to wear, and to follow the care instructions carefully to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. Some people may prefer to wear a gaff in combination with other forms of lingerie, such as breast forms or padded hip and butt pads, to create a more complete feminine appearance.

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