How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm

By Wicked Wanda's
on November 21, 2019

How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm

If you’ve heard people with vaginas gush –some pun intended –about how they had the most amazing orgasm ever after stimulating their G-spot during self-pleasuring or sex and you want one too, worry not –we have step by step instructions on how to help get you there!

What is the G-spot? It is a dime-sized spot inside the vaginal cavity on the anterior wall (front wall) named after the Doctor who discovered it,Ernst Gräfenberg. This orgasm can yield between one to three quarts of liquid and a release unlike any other when properly stimulated. We like to call it the GREAT spot and even if you don’t achieve this orgasm right away, the homework is loads of fun and worth the time spent trying to have one. So let’s get started...! 

Step 1 -Believe:One of the most common reasons you cannot achieve orgasm is because you are not able to keep your mind focused on the sensation and the inevitable release required to allow your body to let go and feel pleasure. Your orgasm is not just linked directly to stimulation as it also requires mental focus. That means not thinking about your daily tasks during the act itself, worrying about what a text means or other distracting thoughts. When you are in the moment, stay in that moment. Play images of what entices you like a movie in your mind and stay focused on the sensations your body is giving you. Above all things, believe you can achieve a sensational orgasm and let it happen.

Step 2 -Relax:You have enough on the go. When you’re spending time with yourself or your lover, BE in that moment and relax into it. Even if it is a quickie and you’re squeezing one off between meetings or family gatherings, give in to the time you’ve set aside for pleasure and really feel everything as it happens.

Step 3 -Find it:To find the G-spot, you’ll need to insert a finger (or toy*) into the vaginal cavity and press up against the front wall. Some find putting a bit of pressure on their lower abdomen can help them feel the wall better. Begin by gently feeling the cavity wall with your finger tip (the middle finger you use when driving is the best one to reach this spot as it is the longest). As you caress the wall feel for a dime-sized ridge that doesn’t feel like the rest of the wall. You’ll know you’ve found it when the urge to urinate happens. Don’t worry about peeing because when you’ve found that spot, you’re there!

Step 4 -Come here: Once you’ve found the spot, continue to tickle it with by crooking your finger in a “come here” motion. You know that enticing wave of the finger that you do when you want someone to come to you, that’s the one! Pro tip: Don’t actually say, “Come here, come here” when you do it or someone may burst into your room thinking you’re calling them Unless of course that was your intention all along.

Step 5 -Stimulate the spot:After a few minutes that dime-sized nub will swell to the size of a quarter and you’ll feel the urge to pee. Don’t worry, you won’t urinate on yourself. Your body automatically shuts down the blood flow to the urethra from the kidneys so continue to stimulate the spot. Many will find that stimulating this spot along with clitoral stimulation provides the magic combo to get you to the point of release. Many toys are specifically designed to stimulate these spots at the same time so that you can keep your mind on your sexy thoughts and let your body give in to the pleasure of the sensation.

Step 6-Release:When the G-spot is properly stimulated and you reach orgasm, the release will be between one to three quarts of odorless, colourless liquid that will leave you needing to change the sheets and smiling from ear to ear!

You may be asking, why bother with a G-spot orgasm? To that we say, why not?! It’s your body and you need to know it better than anyone else. So lie back, relax, breathe and explore. What waits for you on the other side of the G-spot orgasm is nothing short of bliss and beautiful release. Awaken your Wicked!

*Our Top G-Spot Toy Recommendations:

Pure Wand by NjoyPure Wand by Njoy: You’ll love the silky smooth texture of stainless steel against your soft bits. This toy glides inside with ease and the bulbous knob knows where the treasures are hidden.The long handle and easy hold makes it perfect for those with joint pain or flexibility issues.


Rave by We-Vibe: Is it the sleek design, the sensual feel or the ten plus speeds? It’s all of them! This sling is just the thing to make your G-spot sing! The toy is quiet and discreet so the only sounds anyone will hear are your moans of pleasure!   


Charming Smile by Satisfyer
: What curls your lips more than a waterproof toy? The handle design makes it not only easy to use solo but also allows you to literally hand the controls over to your partner.Take an extra long shower and let the good times literally floooow!Twelve different speeds ensure that you will find just the right vibe for you. The only issue explaining why you can’t wipe that giant smile off your face the next day at work.


Hippo by Satisfyer: This Hippo is hungry for satisfaction your satisfaction! Put his big round head to work at stimulating your G-spot using the speed of your dreams. You have twelve to choose from! The handle makes it easy for self-pleasure or for someone else to use on you. You’ll love the easy grip(po) of this vibrating Hippo



We-Vibe Nova Reviewed

By Wicked Wanda's
on November 21, 2019
We-Vibe Nova Reviewed
In this honest review of the We-Vibe Nova, Lilith simply glows about this amazing g-spot product and as far as a dual stimulator goes, this toy is the best. Click to read more!

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Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Value Pack

By Wicked Wanda's
on October 24, 2019
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Value Pack

As a student who leads a pretty busy life, you need a few stress-relief tactics if you want to succeed; as a guy who learned the art of self-gratification before junior high, I've always been partial to a good wank when times get tough. So when I was recently offered the opportunity to review Fleshlight's new Quickshot sleeve, I knew I was in for a good Reading Week! Having finished my midterms, I can say with confidence that I was not disappointed!

The Value Pack I received included the sleeve, a bottle of lubricant and a bottle of cleaning fluid. The instructions were handy, especially where safety and hygiene are concerned; when you're pumping the piston at undergraduate levels, cleanliness is -always- of the utmost importance. The sleeve features unscrewable caps on both ends, which can be used to create a suction when one end is capped. The sleeve's gel material is ribbed on the inside and feels high-tech, like a cyborg vagina designed to reach every nerve-ending; the plastic cylinder is made of robust plastic and is comfortable to grip.

Studying for a Calculus midterm presented the perfect opportunity to put my new toy to use. Having used two of Fleshlight's products before, I began my benchmarking session with a dollop of the provided lube and a stimulating video courtesy of PornHub. Pro-tip: running warm water through the sleeve for a few minutes prior to use can greatly enhance the experience. On first insertion… I realized that the future had arrived, and my days of frustrated learning would be a thing of the past! The interior has a uniquely-arousing, organic feeling which massages the member in a smooth embrace of gel nubs. Even though I'm experienced when it comes to self-satisfaction, the Quickshot was pleasurable enough to make me precocious within 10 minutes. Taking the time to enjoy the product, I persevered for another 10 minutes before the climax came irresistibly. The toy's design even makes those few seconds post-orgasm a comfortable experience (which the refractory period, usually, is not). The post-testing clean-up was easy; the lube is water-soluble and the sleeve rinses well with soap and warm water. For a more rigorous cleaning, the provided solution can be used.

Jimmy Sanchez In sum, Fleshlight has just delivered a fantastic new product for the modern man on-the-go; when frustration and angst come knocking, you can always count on the Quickshot for that sweet release and deep relief. I could go on at length about the product, but a little mystery is the best aphrodisiac.

Cheers and enjoy!

Jimmy Sanchez

We-Vibe Vector Review

By Lana
on October 15, 2019
Vector By We-Vibe: Rechargeable Prostate Toy

Today I met a new man and his name is Vector. He’s into the tech world and nerdy-sex, so naturally he works for We-Vibe. Alright, Vector is my new prostate toy and like any new relationship I am excited to tell you all about him.

A little about myself; I am a trans woman who is comfortable in her body. Let’s just preface with saying I have not been a huge fan of things going up my butt. Years ago I had an unpleasant experience involving a hard vibrating plastic dildo and it turned me off all toys.

Vector is designed to fit your body; the head of the toy is completely adjustable and the base is sexy-flexy. The vibration is deliciously strong and the best part I can control it wirelessly with the included remote. I love that this toy is rechargeable and made from 100% soft silicone, meaning it’s non-porous and super easy to clean. The Vector is app compatible, a function I have yet to explore. If you’re feeling overwhelmed the instructions are easy to follow. 

Pro tip! Remember to only use a water-based lubricant with Vector. Silicone toys do not get along with silicone-based lubricants. 

I definitely recommend Vector to anyone with a prostate. This new relationship has opened my eyes and has me excited to explore my body with sex-toys again. Vector is my main man now and I’m not sure anyone will compare lol

Until next time! 


Oh My Wand! Magic Wand Rechargeable Review

By Wicked Wanda's
on October 06, 2019
Oh My Wand! Magic Wand Rechargeable Review
Three words. Oh my wand!
Wow. So first let me start off by saying that I’ve never written a review for a toy in my life. After my first time using the Magic Wand Rechargeable I knew I had to spread the gospel!
Anytime I use this wand I ALWAYS end up having multiple orgasms. I even tried using this wand on my boyfriends shaft...and he loves it! We started using it during doggy style and it has been an absolute GAME CHANGER!
I have to talk about the 4 speeds that seem to range from WOW to holy f***ing sh*t. Awesome for forced orgasms. The range of speed is so freaking POWERFUL and delicious, yet it’s made even better with 4 extra patterns. (Shout out to variation 2!)
If you want a toy to spend all day in bed with, look no further. You can use the Magic Wand Rechargeable with the chord, without the chord, I even use it while it’s plugged into the wall charging. (Even though the battery seems to last forever??)
If you’re having difficulties having an orgasm, I’m begging you to try this toy. I’d recommend this wand to ANYONE who enjoys a powerful toy and a powerful orgasm! I mean even Samantha Jones used it. 
-Keira Ann

Booty Call: Booty Blaster Review

By Wicked Wanda's
on October 06, 2019
Booty Call: Booty Blaster Review

Find the Booty Blaster instore today!

By: Nyx

Confession time: I like my butt. I like its shape, its feel, the way it looks in jeans and sexy underwear. I like when people touch it, squeeze it, spank it, you name it. It then goes without saying that I'm an anal connoisseur, right? Wrong.

The only time I've ever had anal sex was over ten years ago, and it went about as well as you can imagine when my sexual partner decided to switch from vaginal sex to anal without preparing me, or so much as telling me. For any poor delusional souls out there who think this is a good idea, or thinks that vaginal secretions are sufficient lubrication to achieve this: IT IS NOT. DON'T DO IT. JUST DON'T.

Suffice it to say, I have been a bit reluctant to repeat the experience of sticking things up my heiny. But curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try again, and do it right this time. I read and researched as much as I could, and then, emboldened by how pleasurable it appeared to be for some people, I went for it.

I don't know about you, but when I think about rectums, I think about poop. It's just science. So of course, most of my search history concerning anal sex reads like a toddler's dinnertime conversation. "If you put something in there, will there be poop on it? Does it smell funny? What do you do if there's poop on your toy? How do you get your toys rid of poo smell? Is it necessary to burn them? Will I ever be clean again if I touch poop with my bare hands?" Poop. Poop, poop, POOP.

So of course, to begin this journey in the most sanitary way possible, I decided to start with an anal douche. I looked on the Wicked Wanda's website for the least intimidating one, then went in-store to purchase it. It was sold out. The only one in stock that day was the Booty Call Booty Blaster by California Exotic Novelties. Despite its claim to being a "body-safe, hygienically superior cleaning system", I was a bit put off by the size. I would not be deterred from my quest, however, so I soldiered on.

It stayed in the package, in the bag, in the least visible corner of my room, for almost two weeks. I was not so much ignoring it as finding reasons not to use it. My roommates were home. I'd had something weird to eat that day. I wasn't in the mood. I was too tired. Every drawer in the house suddenly needed urgent reorganizing. But duty (doodie, ha!) called, and I sacrificed myself for the greater good to bring you this review.

It's great. Honestly. It is made of two pieces that easily come apart for filling with lukewarm water and then thorough washing. The comma shape gives a nice reaching advantage when you're squatting over the toilet (graceful, I know). I used lube, so much lube, took a few breaths, relaxed, and the tip of the spout ever so gently glided into place. The long "neck" gives the option of inserting as much or as little as you want, so I gave it a few gos, varying in depths as I went. Three times was a charm, and aside from some very unattractive noises and a bit of water splashing on the toilet seat, it was easy as pie and more importantly, completely painless. No discomfort even for a total newbie, no fuss, no mess, and super easy to clean. Made of silicone so you can clean it with soap and water. It went so well I even went ahead and tried out Phase One of an anal starter kit! I thought it would be a shame to waste a freshly douched tushie, and was feeling this "new experiences" thing. Turns out, it's no biggie. I even waxed my mustache while wearing a butt plug. I lead a charmed life, clearly.

Final verdict: it's honestly, seriously, totally, completely NOT a big deal. Don't let its appearance fool you, the Booty Blaster is as great for pristine, virginal behinds as it is for ones who've seen their share of rodeos. It's super easy to use, a great price point for a silicone toy, and if you're looking to add butt stuff to your sex life, pretty much a necessity. I'd go so far as to say that I'm glad I purchased this one, because I'd probably would have had to upgrade from a smaller pear-like one with a shorter nozzle somewhere down the line. Bottoms up!

 By: Nyx

Find the Booty Blaster instore today!

We-Vibe Pivot Review

By Wicked Wanda's
on August 16, 2017
We-Vibe Pivot Review

By: Stoya

The Pivot by We-Vibe is an essential addition to any penis owner’s sex toy collection. This wonderful little machine takes luxury to the next level with a super powerful and easily rechargeable motor and a sleek silicone coating that is totally waterproof.

My partner, who we will affectionately refer to as T, and I have tried cockrings in the past. They were of a lesser quality and did not really impress either of us. That is why I was so pleased to see how excited my partner was with our new toy. The tight grip allowed him to thrust harder and faster without having to worry about ejaculating. However, due to the deep vibrations, when it was his turn to cum he found himself able to achieve orgasm quickly and to an extent that was very satisfying. He especially enjoyed the fun app feature of this toy. The pivot can connect to your phone by bluetooth, allowing you to flick through the 10 different tantalizing vibration patterns from your cellphone. My partner really enjoyed when I was in control of the app, which left him guessing about what would happen next and how intense or teasing the sensation would be.

The only critique of the product would be the one size fits all concept. My partner likes a particularly tight grip around his penis, with that being said, he did remark that it was very snug fit. If you are someone that needs a bit of breathing room, I’d recommend looking at the Verge by We-vibe. This toy is very similar to the Pivot, however is designed to go around both the penis and the balls and therefore has a larger diameter.

Not only was it very arousing to see how much pleasure this toy brought my partner, but it also had features that extended to myself as well. I was very excited to use it as a vibrator on my clit, as the motor is impressively powerful, smooth and led to intense orgasms. Being penetrated while my partner used the pivot was quite a treat. Although the vibration was not consistent enough to bring me to climax, it gave me teasing pleasure, especially when he would grind into me. I also had a lot of fun controlling the toy from my phone while he gave me cunniligus.

My partner and I do not live in the same city and therefore have our fair share of Skype sex. What has always attracted me to We-Vibe products is they really cater to long distance couples. Not only was my partner able to hook up the Pivot to his phone through bluetooth, but then I was able to connect via wifi and control the toy while being in another country! We did find we had to re-pair the toy with his phone a couple times throughout the session, but overall I was very impressed with the technology.

What I loved most about The Pivot is that it enhances all elements of sex. It can easily be used solo to spice up masturbation. Your partner can wear it during foreplay to add extra sensation. And then of course during penetration which adds extra fun to both parties experience. I cannot stop raving about this product to anyone who will listen and I can’t wait to try more toys by We-Vibe!

Review- Satisfyer Pro 2

By Wicked Wanda's
on February 09, 2017
Review- Satisfyer Pro 2

By: Margeurite

Sometimes you just have to do it yourself. What woman hasn’t said that to herself at least half a dozen times in a week? It applies to everything, cleaning, laundry, cooking, anything., You cannot always depend on someone else to help (for about a million reasons we call life). Same goes for getting your orgasm too, sometimes you just have to do it yourself!

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the new favourite DYS toy in my life! (DYS; Do yourself. Yes, I *think* I just made this up, it’s so fetch.)

I love its classy rose gold colouring! This toy could be mistaken for a body massager (technically, it is one of sorts). If you leave this charging on the beside table, no one is likely to do a double take walking by (which for myself who has roommates, that’s a pro). From my experience over the last few weeks it does not require constant charging, seems to hold a charge fairly well for a long period of time. It’s your basic charger, one end is a USB, and the other is a magnetic charger that doesn’t easily come out of place if you knock it and it is easy to attach. I charged it while gone during the day, so I cannot say anything to how long it takes to charge.I can’t say much for the box packaging, as I didn’t get the box with it on pick-up (the boxes on the shelf looked nice though). I did receive it in sealed plastic wrapping, which is reassuring since no one wants to get a toy that they can’t be sure hasn’t been touched by a stranger. It came with charger and easy to read instruction booklet.

This toy is very light weight, easily held and maneuvered. Over a period of extended use your wrist isn’t going to be stiff the next day. I love the silicone nozzle, it is soft and gentle on your skin. As someone who is sometimes sensitive down there to textures, I really enjoy the material used. It has only two buttons, thank goodness! I can’t stand the twist things a lot of toys have. The buttons are self explanatory, easily maneuvered to start and a breeze to change settings up, without throwing off your groove, when you need a little bit more.

How it works; this is a strictly clitoral stimulation toy. The lovely silicone nozzle is placed directly on your clit, and then you’re off to the races. I like to turn mine on before placing, but I’m sure you could place and then start if you so desired. It does not need to be moved once in place, trust me! What the SP2 does is gives you a sort of pulsation, I find it hard to describe honestly. It’s somewhere between a pulsation, vibration and suction. Whatever it is, however you describe it, it works! And there’s so many different settings!  There is one for everyone I promise (or a combination of different ones). If you’re feeling easy, or if your body is playing hard to get, it doesn’t matter. I have had zero troubles getting the job done with the SP2, sometimes way faster than I am used to.

Something else awesome about the SP2? It’s completely water proof! Like, not just use it and be done water proof. I accidently knocked it in the tub while it was on the side and it stayed in there fully submerged for a good 15 minutes until I noticed. It’s a different sensation when you are using it underwater, maybe it’s because I’m fairly sensitive but to me the experience in water was more intense than the non-water use. Perhaps its because the pulsation is now also moving the water around on your clit, I am not sure the science behind it, but wow!

My biggest like for the SP2 is the fact that it is quiet. To some this may seem like a trivial thing. But for me, who has roommates, and who likes her me time to be me time, I don’t want to broadcast to my whole house what I am doing. With other toys it’s like I’m building a blanket fort trying to dampen the buzz of the vibration. The SP2 is wonderfully quiet, I can lay back an enjoy without the sound proofing ordeal of the past. Even in the bath/shower I didn’t have to worry about an echo from the tub or the tiled walls in the room.

My man is all for my getting my O (even if he’s not involved), he always does his best to make sure I get it when we play, even if extra stimulation is needed on occasion (God love him). Last week we needed the extra help. He dove into the box and pulled out the SP2, and of course, wanted to try it. We have a habit of taking toys for one and making them toys for two. So, a position change to our favourite then adding the SP2, next thing I knew the task was done. The pulsation paired with Him had me soaring high in a matter of minutes. It was easy to hold onto and in position while still holding my body position for what he was doing so that he could get his after he got me mine.

In my humble opinion the SP2 is a win on all counts, I am very grateful to have this toy in my collection!

Anyone who hasn’t bought a Valentines day gift for their girl yet, hint hint.

Fun Factory's Magnum Dildo- Reviewed

By Wicked Wanda's
on December 02, 2016
Fun Factory's Magnum Dildo- Reviewed

By: Lilith

I'm not much for penetration when I masturbate, don't get me wrong -when I need a thorough solo-boning I'll bring out all of the stops but usually it's just my good old Veronica (Hitachi rechargeable Vibe) that gets me through the long nights. But there are those nights... and I think most people know what I mean, you practically rip off your clothing and enjoy the buffet of orgasms possible with your toy collection, veggies or otherwise. My go to for those nights is without a doubt Fun Factory's Magnum dildo. It is incredibly smooth, shaped beautifully and makes my vagina (recently named the devil cave) very very happy.

Since my employment in a sex store, I've seen a lot of dildos... a lot and there is worlds of differences between them that is really important to consider when buying yourself a new one. For me, I always look for a phallic but not life-like dildo, that it's good quality, will last forever and can be used for multiple types of play and the magnum is so far my favorite on the dildo-tastic market.


1. Phallic but not life-like: Everyone is different what preference they have on this front but for me the shape of the toy must be functional, classy and easily cleaned. The Magnum is one solid piece of 100% medical-grade silicone (meaning that soap and water cleans it beautifully) and the shape is great for following the natural anatomy of the female body for penetration. Not too soft to be floppy (too many floppy cock jokes here) but not too firm to be painful. I usually recommend using water-based lubricants with this one- my favorite being Sutil

2. Quality: The elegant design makes me feel like I am treating my pussy like a princess that deserves quality but also functionality. While the price tag on this sucker is steep at $89.99 (plus taxes), you'd not have to buy another dildo for ages because the materials it is made out of is so luxuriously durable and sturdy for the long hall. 

3. Multiple Uses: So this can be just a basic dildo- insert into your snatch and ride like you're in the rodeo but the possibilities are infinitely more awesome then just that! It has a suction cup base so putting the dong onto a smooth surface like a wall or in the shower (so gooood) can really spice up your fun time. It is also strap-on harness compatible with the flared base and can also function as an awesome anal tool for the same reason. Furthermore, playing with this badboy with a partner can be a lot of fun too. I particularly love pairing it with either vibration onto my clit or if I want to feel really fun that day- pairing it with a vibrating butt plug

You can even make vibration carry through the toy itself by placing a bullet or whatever your favorite vibe is against the base of the toy. Wow, is that an amazing feeling! 


To be honest, I have very few criticisms for this toy. I find it incredibly irritating when companies advertise that a product is water-proof and in fact is not, but also when it is so obviously water-proof because there is literally nothing inside of it. That is the case with this toy- Fun Factory is all proud that it is water-proof and it is just a single piece of well shaped, orgasm-polooza making silicone goodness- no batteries required. More of a pet-peeve then a real criticism but something to be critical about any time you are researching a sex toy. 

Otherwise, I wish it was a little long so that some of it can be used as a handle. At times it is awkward when you want to get that hard pounding happening and have to grasp onto the little base. My tiny ass hands are still not small enough to be able to get a cervix busting speed and power with the base. Though a good alternative to this problem is using a wall to bounce onto. Oh and you've got to try your coffee table too, perfect height... trust me, just clean before your guest come over next. 

Lastly, I wish the price was not as expensive only because I think everyone should have this toy but when you consider how many cheap toys you'll end up buying during the time you'd have this guy- it turns into a deal in the long-run. 


Overall, I love this toy and this company. They have many products that are not only beautifully made but thoughtfully shaped to what the body wants.

Top marks for this dildo! 

The stats:

  • For vaginal and anal use
  • At 18 cm it is the second largest DILDO from FUN FACTORY
  • The curved tip with a glans shape stimulates the g-spot or prostate
  • The wide base pleasures the surrounding erogenous zones and makes MAGNUM 100% safe for anal
  • Smooth surface and sleek design
  • Firm, yet pleasantly flexible silicone shaft
  • Special suction base that allows the MAGNUM to adhere to smooth surfaces and walls
  • Suitable for use with a harness
  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • All FUN FACTORY toys are invented, developed, designed AND produced in Bremen, Germany.

Our B-Balls Experience- Review NSFW

By Wicked Wanda's
on October 22, 2016
Our B-Balls Experience- Review NSFW

It was early evening on a Sunday, and we had just come off a lovely weekend full of rest and relaxation. It was a fall day through and through, brisk wind, warm wet scotch, and comfy clothes.  After a few cocktails and records, clothes playfully littered the kitchen floor.

My wife then motioned to me she would be back in a moment, leaving me fully exposed upon the vinyl massage table- sitting in the living room, in full view of our neighbors.  She returned with a small grey box in her hand, and a big, devious, kinky smile.  It read B-Balls Anal Toy. 

I was instantly intrigued and silently nervous. She then commented on how she was worried it might be too big for her to take inside her ass. I agreed, and she smiled and said, “maybe you could?”. I smiled and said I would try. 

To give some background, we both enjoy anal play; tried prostate stimulation, fingers, tongues, and toys many times before. We enjoy both the feeling of penetration and the fullness a toy or finger can offer, when reaching orgasm. I leaned back on the massage table and with some gentle teasing and lube, I managed to insert the B Ball into my ass, taking the first of two medium-sized beads inside me. The size was perfect. Along with my wife slowly sucking my dick and tugging on the toy, it definitely had my cock rock hard and throbbing.

After a few more minutes, I slowly and more gently, slid the last bead into my ass, as it was slightly bigger than the first. My ass was now completely full. We forgot to mention the little internal balls inside each bead, that give you an altered sense of vibration, the feeling you get when using Ben Wa Balls (hence, the name).

I was immediately so aroused, I flipped my wife on her back, spread her legs, and slid my cock inside her wet, waiting pussy. Thrusting into her, sliding in and out, coupled with the sensation of a light continual vibration in my ass stimulating my prostate, had all my pistons firing.

After another 15-20 minutes of hardcore sport fucking, and the B Ball deep in my ass, my wife came incredibly hard, shaking from the intensity. She then flipped me over and began to stroke and suck my cock, in the same motion; eventually I blew my load all over. My muscles tightened activating my prostate, once again, causing an incredibly deep and satisfying release.

This one is a winner: naughty, unconventional, approachable, yet kinky. Erotic meets ergonomics and the clean up is quick and easy.

 As a couple, this toy heightened both of our orgasms in a variety of ways. The price tag is affordable and it can serve as a multi-purpose toy in any household. We would give it 2 thumbs up and 2 fingers in!  


The Average Hoes J


Thank you to The Average Hoes for their sexy review of Fun Factory's anal toy the B-Balls. These anal toys can be found online and in our store today. These toys are unique for their weighted quality which moves as you do. It is also made of fantastic silicone so it is easy to clean with soap and water, and it has a smooth, pleasurable feel as it is inserted. We would also recommend using lubricant specifically made for booty play such as Sutil by Hathor or Sliquid's Sassy

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