Electroplay Gear at Wicked Wandas

Electroplay Gear at Wicked Wandas

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    Have you ever gotten a static shock and moaned? (It's okay this is a safe space!)
    Well, Elecro play takes that to the next level. It’s not as scary as it sounds: on lower settings it feels like a thousand tingly kisses and as you gradually go up in intensity you start feeling that sensational electric sting! Feel the deep pleasures of electricity tingling against your sensitive bits using these kinky electric tools!
    12 products
    Zeus Twilight Shroom E-stim Round Silicone Attachment - Wicked Wanda's Inc.
    Zeus Twilight Shroom E-stim Round Silicone Attachment
    Zeus Electrogasm - Wicked Wanda's Inc.
    Zeus Electrogasm
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    Electro play refers to a type of sexual play or fetish activity that involves the use of electricity to stimulate the body. This can involve using specialized electrical devices, such as a violet wand, TENS unit, or other electro-stimulation devices to create sensations ranging from mild to intense. Read more

    People may choose to engage in electro play for a variety of reasons, including sexual pleasure, exploration of new sensations, and the desire to experience power exchange dynamics. Read more

    1. Increased sexual pleasure: Electro play can provide unique and intense sensations that can enhance sexual pleasure and arousal.
    2. Exploration of new sensations: Electro play allows individuals to explore new sensations and experiences that may not be possible through other types of sexual play.
    3. Power exchange dynamics: The power dynamic involved in electro play can be a source of excitement and arousal for some people, allowing them to explore dominance and submission roles. Read What are the benefits of electro play?
    1. Safety: Safety should be your top priority when engaging in electro play. Look for toys that are designed specifically for electro play and that meet safety standards. Avoid using homemade devices or toys not designed for electro play.
    2. Power source: Electro play toys use different power sources, including batteries, wall outlets, or USB cables. Consider which power source is most convenient and practical for you. Choosing electro play devices