Menstrual Cups are Awesome! Fun Cup Review

By Wicked Wanda's
on August 17, 2018
Menstrual Cups are Awesome! Fun Cup Review

By: Lilith

While a lot of people question why a sex store would have menstrual cups, I think the more important question is why wouldn’t it? The sex stores of today, like Wicked Wanda’s, isn’t just about getting your rocks off anymore but is also about health and socially conscious consumerism and the growing trend of menstrual cups is absolutely a part of that.

I switched to using a Diva Cup (kind of menstrual cup) over a year ago and it was a massive difference in a lot of ways. I used to use tampons which was expensive and terrible for my vaginal health. I’d be really dry and often irritated using tampons. My body would usually take at least a day after my period to get back to it’s normal moist self and god it sucked having to always have tampons on me. Oh and tampons and pads are so bad for the environment! All of that packaging and chemically treated

At first when I was thinking of switching to a cup, the price of them got me second guessing it: $50 and up seemed like a lot. Check out’s breakdown of the costs! You spend thousands on tampons and pads over a lifetime and only just over $140 on cups because your cup can last anywhere from 2-5 years of use!

I was also worried about being able to empty my cup in public washrooms and how messy it would be. Guess what, periods can be messy and using a cup or a tampon doesn’t change that. That is what soap and water is for. So you can keep your cup in for up to 12 hours with absolutely no risk to your body or having your cup overflow. So the likelihood you can’t get to a single stall bathroom or home by then is pretty unlikely! I never have a problem with finding a place I can empty my cup. Hell, the average workday is 8 hours, that gives you 4 hours to find somewhere that you feel comfortable dumping your bloody goop into.

Pro-tip: Often when people note that they’ve had leaks using a cup, it’s because they did not adequately get the cup to create a seal in the vagina. My tip is to sit down on the toilet to insert and remove, and when you insert it in, push around the edge of the cup to let the excess air out. You’ll get a adorable little fart noise. Feel around the bottom of the cup to make sure that it has popped open all the way around and some people like to give it a little twist to make the seal really secure.

So I loved the Diva Cup for a super long time and I’m 100% converted to the menstrual cup life but I didn’t really know there was other options for the longest time. Kinda like how Kleenex is just a brand and not actually the name of the product (facial tissues). The Diva Cup has become synonymous with the product. My only complaints with the Diva Cup was that the rings around the bottom were quite abrasive at times and that it was a little bigger then I really needed it to be so I couldn’t poop with it in. So every time, I had to take it out and reinsert for pooping, which was annoying. It’s also clear in colour so even though it is totally clean and good to use, your body will stain it a little overtime so it doesn’t look very cute or clean.

So I was really excited when i saw that one of my absolutely favorite brands Fun Factory had come out with their own menstrual cups (see my review on their Magnum dildo HERE). This company is well known for their fantastic products and very high quality materials and the Fun Cup is no different! I love it! First, it is probably the cutest menstrual cup I've ever seen, it looks like a little gnome hat in awesome colours that are not transparent. It is a beautiful soft medical silicone with no weird ridges that irritate my vaginal opening. It comes with 2 cups instead of just the one for a comparable price to the Diva Cup. The little booklet it comes with is very thorough and delightful to read with lots of great tips and colourful pictures. Like the Diva Cup there is 2 different sizes you can get and the Size A (which is what I have) is perfect for people who have not had children and who are not especially heavy regularly. Though what's great about cups is that if you make sure that seal is real good then it doesn’t matter how heavy your flow is because it can’t overwhelm the cup.

Since you’ve gotten this far and you haven’t gotten grossed out by all of the TMI, the Fun Cup lets me poop with it in without pushing it out!! This is super exciting for me as the cup just flows with my body and stays nicely tucked up there. It’s also great for having in during oral because it doesn’t have a weird stem like the Diva Cup so your partner can actually get up in there with the tongue and still not have to worry about a bloody mess.

By fair, the Fun Cup is the most comfortable menstrual cup i’ve ever used. It’s awesome for sexy times and just living your life. I don’t even feel it at all while it’s in. No doubt like any menstrual cup or product for that matter, it takes time to get used to it and this product might not work for you for a variety of reasons but it works super well for me. My vagina is so much healthier and happier. I don’t feel uncomfortable enjoying sexy times anymore with it in. I feel confident that I won’t have any leaks, to the point where I will regularly go without underwear while on my period. I have saved hundreds of dollars and have spent less than $100 on cups. Even though Fun Factory gives you two cups in a pack, you don’t need it unless you want to keep one at your partner’s place or in your purse or save it for 5 years down the road. I’ll be giving the other one to my friend who is a traveler because it can be so hard to find tampons around the world that are the same as you would find in Canada and culturally it can be a little taboo looking for them or using them.

I have found literally nothing to complain about for Fun Factory’s Fun Cups. Maybe the price but you’ve paid it off within 2-3 months of not having to buy tampons and pads and they last up to 5 years. Hell, you can boil the cups if you really want too though soap and water works just fine.

I felt like a feminist superhero after I converted to menstrual cups because I took charge of my body’s health, saved money and helped the environment. I’m not sticking poisonous sticks of bleach into my vagina anymore and I’m not walking around with a diaper on. While I have lots of different, fancy sex toys, this is one of the best products i’ve bought for my vagina, period.

Buy your Fun Cup Today: HERE

The Magic Banana Reviewed

By Wicked Wanda's
on January 09, 2016
The Magic Banana Reviewed

By: Titania J

Buy your Magic Banana in-store or online Today!

The Magic Banana. On first look it seems like the furthest thing away from a sex toy or Kegel training device, more like a bike lock or a miniature version of a Pilates band. But a sex toy and Kegel training device is what it is; coined a self-exploration tool by its designer and creator, yoga educator, Janeson Rayne.

Designed in Canada and manufactured in the UK this product is manufactured ethically with 100% body-safe, medical grade components and materials. Thirty years of research went in to creating this sexual exploration tool. The banana has been designed and crafted to conform to the inner contours of a woman's body, which, probably like me you assumed to be shaped similar to a phallic mold. In which case, why is the banana shaped like a bike lock? Well, as it turns out, the inner workings of a woman are more similarly shaped to a cul-de-sac, hence the shape of this multi-functional toy. Which kind of makes you think... who's been designing these phallic shaped objects supposedly manufactured for a woman's pleasure?? Men?? The banana is attempting to break the mould when it comes to women's sex toys and genital well-being, designed by a woman for women, with the ability not only to provide sexual satisfaction and g-spot exploration but also develop and/or rehabilitate Kegel and pelvic floor muscles.

So how exactly does one use an object that looks similar to a bike lock as a sexual exploration tool?

Begin with the banana in a concave, smiling direction with the tip facing up towards the belly button. Using the black end as a handle, gently squeeze the loop together before inserting. A water-based lubricant is recommended to aid with insertion and for cleaning afterwards a simple combination of gentle soap and warm water or a basic toy cleaner will work.

So my first interaction with the banana was to attempt to use the tool for Kegel exercising. Developing Kegel muscles can have an astonishing effect on a woman's sexual well-being, helping in preparation for and in the recovery of child birth, the release of lower back pain and in the recovery from and prevention of incontinence as well as the improvement of orgasms. The Magic Banana can be used in two separate ways to develop Kegel muscles – automatic and non-automatic. For women with lesser pelvic floor and Kegel strength and/or less experience with Kegel exercising I would recommend starting with automatic Kegels: start by inserting the banana as explained above and slowly move the banana in an in-out motion. As you move the banana in this motion the band will automatically push out onto the inner wall of your vagina facilitating automatic muscle contraction and release. In time you will learn how to manÒuvre these automatic contractions into purposeful ones. The non-automatic Kegels are slightly harder to master, but I implore you to commit some time to getting a hang on them: insert the banana and use your lower abs and Kegel strength to squeeze and release without holding onto the banana. As you contract the muscles against the band you will notice the band move inward and as you release the band will automatically expand inching its way outward and in reaction your body will feel the need to contract once again, forming a rhythm. As you get more skilled at this (and trust me it is a skill) you can start to work on the wider parts of the loop.

As you can guess, moving an object shaped to fit your inner self in a sexual rhythm does indeed come with perks other than muscular strengthening and does provide a certain degree of bonus pleasure – much more than expected from such an oddly shaped toy. The smiling orientation of the banana provides the perfect shape for g-spot exploration. And girls, for any of you out there struggling with g-spot orgasms this toy is for you! The g-spot is located about two inches inside the vagina and using the banana in a smiling direction facing up towards your belly button, learn to explore the rhythms and motions that you enjoy and your g-spot reacts to. And, for a handy tip, try using it with some clitoral stimulation like a bullet vibe – I promise you an orgasm like no other!

Using the Magic Banana with a bullet vibe, for a body shaking g-spot orgasm, after doing my Kegels, is my favorite way to use the toy and puts a happy ending onto my lazy girl work out. Personally I've never been so motivated to orgasss... mmm, I mean do my Kegels. At first, you'll feel like you've done a full lower abdominal work out the day after. The banana seems to have a knack of taking the guess work out of Kegel exercising, prompting automatic isolation of the muscles. In fact the banana is so good at developing Kegel strength that it has proved extremely effective in reversing female incontinence and as I cannot stress enough, giving women the ability to achieve full g-spot orgasms!

Overall, I'm completely sold on the very magic banana and I'm not the only one, it seems that this magical little tool is growing and growing in popularity, achieving publicity and endorsements from Glamour and Shape magazine and both Ricki Lake and even Oprah (which of course means it's going to be an instant hit). The only down side to the toy, other than the lack of a case or fruit basket to keep it in, seems to be the time it takes to get used to a toy so alien looking. But trust me girls, it is so worth it! I promise! And if I've learnt anything from testing this product it is that not every girl needs a someone, but every girl needs a Magic Banana.

Buy your Magic Banana in-store or online Today!

Titania J

Review: Magic Banana

By Wicked Wanda's
on January 03, 2016
Review: Magic Banana

By: Jasmine Aziz

The Magic Banana can be found at Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium right now! Get yours Today!

It’s January. Turn on the television, look at your Facebook feed or scroll through Twitter and you will be bombarded by ads promising weight loss. As I sit and stare at the button on my pants that looks like it is straining to break free from its thread and shoot across the room, I think to myself, “Gee, I best get back to the gym too”.

But let me offer this suggestion for exercise while others are commending the benefits of strength training, yoga and Pilates: Kegel muscle exercises. All you need for this is one “Magic Banana” and the desire to improve the pelvic floor of your vagina. Why, you might ask, would you want to do strength training for these muscles? Well, because as a woman there is a chance that after having a baby or just simply by virtue of your body getting older, these muscles become relaxed and loose needing toning. One minute you’re laughing at something, the next thing you’re peeing at the same time and trust me – it isn’t that funny.

If you’re wondering how to isolate the muscle, the next time you pee (er, urinate), stop the flow a few seconds in, start again, then stop. Your neighbour in the next stall might think you have bladder issues or are waiting for them to leave before you unleash your 7-11 slushie, but that will give you an idea of what the muscle feels like when it is contracting.

You can choose to do these contractions just about anywhere – at a bus stop, in the car, at your desk at work, sitting across from your in-laws at Sunday dinner or while you are standing at the sink doing your dishes (yes, I don’t have a dishwasher). The recommended time is 10 – 15 contractions three to four times a day. But if you’re like me, you’ll forget after the first session and become distracted by fourteen zillion other things that you need to do in one day and suddenly you aren’t getting in enough repetitions to really make a difference. But what if there was a “toy” that could help you with the excercise? What if there was something that you could insert into the vagina and squeeze like a tension ball training your muscles to contract on it? Well it does exist!

Exercising with the “Magic Banana” will not only improve the strength of the pelvic floor but also allow you to control the muscle at will giving you complete and utter power over your pelvis. And though it may look ridiculous to you at first, and slightly daunting, it is an item that will change the way you exercise this muscle and potentially vastly improve your sex life!

Allow me to paint a picture for you of what can happen if you take the time to properly excercise and strengthen this muscle…

I had been with Lamby for just over a year. He took a job in Mississauga so our previously long distance relationship from Ottawa to Montreal turned into a longer relationship Ottawa to Toronto. I had been selling vibrators for almost a year and started to use one of the beaded toys to help me isolate the Kegel muscles around it and improve my control. Consider it my crude substitute for the brilliance that would become the “Magic Banana”.

Lamby and I had spent a month apart. In that time, along with using the toy, I would exercise the muscle while sitting at a table writing recaps for my sales or while I sorted my vibrator bags and opened new stock. I felt as tight and in control as I had heard the pretty girls who took ballet were when I was in University. It was the stuff of legends.

We decided to meet half way in Kingston at the Days Inn to rekindle our love. Feeling particularly playful, I said to the nice man James at the front desk, “I just paid $50 for this guy here. I’m not from around these parts so can you tell me if that is a fair price?” To Lamby’s credit, he simply smiled quietly and waited for James’ reaction as I did.

“Excuse me, ma’am?”

“I said I paid $50 for him. I’m not sure if that was a good price.” James looked from me to Lamby and then back at me again. His expression looked at once nervous, scared and skeptical. He quickly handed me our room key and pointed me in the direction of the back lot where we could park without saying another word.

Lamby laughed in the parking lot. “I don’t think James understood your sense of humour”. It was those moments, when he let me be myself and seemed to really enjoy my sense of humour, that I liked him best. Later in the room, while we were having sex I decided to work my strong new muscles to the sheer delight and orgasmic joy of both of us. The sex was so intense and incredible that I screamed louder than air raid siren and hooted like my sports team had just won the big game.

A half hour later we were in the shower together the phone started to ring. “Who could be calling us?” I asked him. “I don’t know anyone here, do you?” he asked. He exited the shower while I tried to listen over the down pouring of water. As I towelled off he came into the bathroom, his chest puffed up like a peacock.

“Who was it on the phone?”

“It was James,” he said, his smile wider than any other time I had ever seen it. “He called to see if everything was okay in here.”

“You mean he heard me screaming?”

“Yup!” Lamby said with pride. “I made my woman scream so loud that they could hear her all the way at the front desk!”

I was mortified for hours! I contemplated every way I could to get out of the hotel without anyone seeing us until I finally came to the resolution that we were two consenting adults and that we hadn’t done anything wrong. So what if I was a bit loud? It was some of the best sex I had ever had and I had worked hard for a month on the muscle that helped me improve the experience. I earned every one of those throaty moans and orgasmic yelps of bliss.

At the restaurant the server came over, handed us our menus and then asked if we wanted anything to drink. I rubbed my throat and said, “As a matter of fact, I am a bit parched” to which he replied, “I’ll bet you are” and gave me the strangest look. It wasn’t until I saw him chatting with James from the front desk that I realized we were the talk of the hotel. Lamby sat back when he made the same realization, his chest puffed up and proud again while I slunk so low in the booth that I almost fell off the bench.

And this kind of improvement was done before I even knew about the “Magic Banana”! It just goes to show the magnitude of the results that can happen when you properly exercise and strengthen this muscle. When this muscle is strong, some women experience more intense orgasms due to increased blood flow to the area. Their partners will also enjoy the internal massage they receive on their penis and self-play will also be enhanced as increased control can be applied to any vibrator or dildo.

The “Magic Banana” makes the workout easy and allows you to focus your attention on expanding and contracting around the loop just as you would a resistance band for regular strength training. Use a good water based lubricant when you insert the toy and be sure to clean it with sex toy cleaner and let it air dry before your next use.

The other MAJOR advantage to this toy is that it stimulates the G-spot (oh yes, it does exist!)! If you’re wondering where that spot is, simply insert your finger into the vagina and crook it towards the outside wall (below the belly button) and then motion as though you were saying, “Come here, come here”. Don’t actually say “Come here, come here” because someone walking by might here you and interrupt you while you are sexploring ;) At first, stimulating this area will make you feel as though you are going to pee, but once you get past that feeling, you will slip into a wonderous stratosphere above that sensation that is the direct road to the kind of orgasm that will have you smiling – and possibly changing the sheets – all day long!

The “Magic Banana” can be gently twirled inside the vaginal cavity so that it brushes over the G-spot – a super lovely freaky feeling – and if you feel adventurous, you can add clitoral stimulation at the same time to ensure a greater chance of a soak-sational sensation!

This may not seem on the surface like the most fun of all the toys one can own in a sex trunk, but it is one that will not only improve the quality of your sex life but will also improve your sexual health. Pick up the “Magic Banana” at Wicked Wanda‰Û÷s and start your New Year’s resolution for improved health and wellness with an exercise you can’t do in the gym – unless they are SUPER progressive – but one that will give you benefits for years and year to cum. Er, come.

It isn’t a banana, that’s for sure. Is it magic? I don’t know about that. One thing’s for sure though, if you use the “Magic Banana”, the next time you have a big laugh, you won’t pee yourself too. And I don’t know about you, but I find that….very ap-peel-ing.

Jasmine Aziz

The Magic Banana can be found at Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium right now! Get yours Today!

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