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 Established in 1990.

Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium has been a fixture in Ottawa's adult community since the early 1990′s. Originally called the Couples Romance Store, the store has taken on a more inclusive persona and now is the sole representative of all things kink in the Ottawa area. Wicked Wanda's is not your average adult novelty store, it is a supportive organization that stands up for all things curious and kinky and is not afraid to help full-fill even your wildest fantasy. We cater to all types of fantasies, from beginner to experienced fetish and can help you on your journey of sexual discovery. Our knowledgeable and kink friendly staff are there to assist you in a professional and non-judgmental environment.


 From the President:

After many years in corporate sales, I decided to fulfill my dream and open Wicked Wanda’s Adult Emporium. When I did so, I knew that I didn’t want to own a typical adult store. Rather, I wanted to help people get in touch with their own sexuality and fulfill their sexual potential. The vast majority of people engage in sexual activities, either by themselves or with one or more partners. However, a lot of people feel inhibited in discussing their sexual needs and desires even with their partner. That’s why at Wicked Wanda’s I wanted to create a place that was welcoming and judgment-free where all people could shop in comfort regardless of their sexual interests, lifestyle or orientation. Furthermore, I wanted to do more than simply sell top of the line toys, clothing and other products. To that end, I hired associates who are knowledgeable about all aspects of sexuality. More than that, they are trained to listen to the customer, to you, so that they can then provide you with the best possible advice to achieve your sexual potential.

According to surveys over 10% of the population acknowledges that they have engaged in BDSM activities of some sort. Power exchange is a potent tool when used in a respectful and healthy way. Taking control of or relinquishing control to another trusted partner can be great fun and a good way to learn who you are. We at Wicked Wanda’s are very proud to say that we have hands on expertise when it comes to BDSM. Therefore, whether you are looking for a new paddle or whip, for information on safe BDSM practices or for advice on how to introduce BDSM into your sex life, then Wicked Wanda’s is the place for you. We preach what we practice!

In addition to offering great products and services, Wicked Wanda’s is also very proud to offer a variety of workshops, held on the premises. These workshops cover the full range of sexual interests from the Joys of Sex Toys to Anal Sex to Bondage 101. They are designed to be stress-free so that inhibitions can be left at the door.  Participants can learn in a relaxing and fun environment how to further their sexual enjoyment.

Are you looking for a swingers club or a nudist beach? A BDSM munch or party? Maybe a weekend getaway or a singles cruise? At Wicked Wanda’s we can answer your questions and point you in the right direction!

We look forward to meeting you at Wicked Wanda’s which is located in downtown Ottawa on Bank Street in the Village. We offer great pricing on product as well as amazing associates who will be pleased to assist you in any way they can. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Wanda Cotie, President, Wicked Wanda's Inc.