How to choose breast forms

Choosing breast forms can be a personal and individualized process. Here are some factors to consider when selecting breast forms:

  1. Size and shape: It's important to choose breast forms that are proportional to your body and fit comfortably. Consider the size, shape, and weight of the breast forms, and how they will look and feel when worn.
  2. Material: Breast forms can be made from a variety of materials, including silicone, foam, and gel. Consider the durability, texture, and feel of the materials and how they will interact with your skin.
  3. Attachment method: Breast forms can be attached to the body with adhesive, in a pocket bra, or with other attachment methods. Consider the ease of use and comfort of the attachment method.
  4. Nipple and areola appearance: Some breast forms come with realistic nipples and areolas, while others are smooth and featureless. Consider how realistic you want the breast forms to appear.
  5. Activity level: Consider your level of activity and whether you need breast forms that are suitable for exercise or swimming.
  6. Budget: Breast forms can vary in price, so consider your budget and the value you place on comfort, appearance, and durability.

It's important to work with a professional fitter who can help you choose breast forms that are the right size and shape for your body, and can provide guidance on attachment methods and other factors to consider. Try on different types of breast forms to see how they look and feel, and make sure to choose high-quality breast forms that are comfortable and long-lasting.