How to Douche

The Sparkling Art of Butt Cleaning  

Knowing how to pamper your behind is all about maintaining that booty microbiome. And guess what? You can forget about harsh soaps—water's your buddy here. Here's how to get squeaky clean while keeping things injury and infection-free. Get ready to ace your clean anal game:

  • Do the Work: Start by clearing out any leftover guests in your bowels—yep, it's poop time.
  • Suds and Scrubs: Give your douche and its tip a warm water and soap scrub-down.
  • Bulb Brilliance: Assemble the bulb and tip, and fill that bulb with lukewarm water.
  • Lube it Up: A little lube on the tip, and you're ready to gently introduce it into your rectum. Stand up, one foot on the toilet or bathtub edge works wonders.
  • Squeeze the bulb, let the liquid flow into your rectum—gravity's got your back.
  • Let it Flow: Before releasing the pressure from the bulb, remove both bulb and tip (otherwise you risk letting the poo water flow back into the bulb). Let the solution do a graceful exit into the toilet. If you're feeling extra fancy, round two is an option butt be careful! You can risk making a bigger mess, read on for more info!

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