How to use a penis pump?

Getting greedy and using a penis pump too often can damage the blood vessels in your penis and permanently affect the tissue. That's why we suggest protecting your member by choosing a pump with a pressure gauge.

Here is how to use a penis

Step 1: Apply lubrication

Lick it before you stick it! Okay, maybe not actually lick but put some lube on the base of your penis. Basically, this helps create a seal between your skin and the pump. You can also trim your pubic hair to help with this.

Step 2: Put on the device

Each penis pump is like a snowflake – they're all different. That is why you want to follow the manufacturer's directions to learn how to use and place the suction device over your penis.

Step 3: Start pumping your dick

It's pretty simple: There are three main types of pumps

  1. Battery-powered pumps do all the work for you, so sit back and watch the technology do its thing.
  2. Hand-triggered pumps assist your wrist, making it easier to pump away.
  3. Hand-powered pumps are a bit more work. You have to squeeze to activate the vacuum effect.

Begin slow and make sure the pump feels comfortable. Depending on your device, it can take between 30 seconds and three minutes to finish your pump sesh. PS. If you feel pain, release suction right away.

Step 4: Take it off

Most penis pumps have a release valve. Follow and read the instructions on the box before using the pump so you know exactly what's up (pun intended).

Step 5: Use a cock ring

Slide a cock ring onto the base of your cock to maintain the blood and help the effects of the pump last longer.