How to use a stroker with a partner

Using a stroker with a partner can be a fun and intimate experience that adds a new dimension to your sexual activities. Incorporating a stroker into partnered play requires open communication, trust, and a focus on both partners' pleasure. Here's how you can use a stroker with a partner:

1. Communication:
Before introducing a stroker into your partnered play, have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Discuss your interests, desires, boundaries, and any concerns. Make sure both partners are comfortable and enthusiastic about the idea.

2. Choose the Right Stroker:
Select a stroker that both you and your partner find appealing. Consider the size, texture, and design that you both would enjoy.

3. Set the Mood:
Create a comfortable and relaxing environment for your partnered play. Dim the lights, set up some soft music, and prepare any lubricants or other accessories you might need.

4. Mutual Exploration:
Incorporate the stroker into your foreplay routine. Begin with sensual touch, kissing, and caressing each other's bodies. You can take turns using the stroker on each other or watch as your partner pleasures themselves with it.

5. Guided Stimulation:
Guide your partner's hand as they use the stroker on you. Provide feedback on pressure, speed, and techniques that feel the most pleasurable. This creates a sense of connection and intimacy as you share the experience.

6. Mutual Stimulation:
Both you and your partner can use the stroker on each other simultaneously. This mutual stimulation can be incredibly arousing and intimate, as you both focus on pleasuring each other.

7. Variety of Positions:
Experiment with different positions that allow easy access to the areas you want to stimulate. You can try lying down, sitting, or even standing positions to find what feels best.

8. Aftercare:
After using the stroker, engage in aftercare activities. This can involve cuddling, comforting touch, and expressing your feelings about the experience.

9. Clean-Up and Hygiene:
After play, ensure that the stroker is cleaned thoroughly following the manufacturer's instructions. Proper hygiene is crucial to prevent any infections or discomfort.

10. Communication and Feedback:
After the experience, take some time to discuss how the use of the stroker felt for both you and your partner. Sharing feedback can help you both understand what worked well and what you might want to explore differently in the future.

Remember that using a stroker with a partner is all about mutual enjoyment and intimacy. Keep the lines of communication open, prioritize each other's comfort and pleasure, and always respect each other's boundaries.