Chef's Kiss: What is Analingus and How do I try it?

Sep 12, 2022

"I remember sitting on his face while he was eating me out, and he was squeezing and slapping my ass...I was so turned on. He basically said he wanted to taste me, all of me.  This was my first experience with rimming. I was a bit tense at first, but then the warmth of his wet tongue licking and kissing me sent waves of pleasure through my body. It’s like no other feeling." 

Analingus, also known as rimming, is the act of oral sex performed on the anus and is an intimate and pleasurable way to add anal play into your pleasure routine. The rim of your anus is dense and full of deliciously pleasurable nerve endings that are basically begging for your partner's mouth to kiss, lick and suck.

Why do people enjoy rimming?

There are so lots reasons people love rimming! Many people enjoy ass licking because the anal opening has a ton of sensitive and erotic nerve endings that provide a unique sensation when stimulated with a mouth or tongue. As you can imagine, letting someone lick your bootyhole is an intimate act that requires trust and vulnerability, so it can create a sense of deep connection with a partner(s). And some people get off on doing something naughty; ass play is still a taboo in our society but often, subverting cultural norms is what turns people on.

Before you dive in, here are a few Safety and Cleaning tips

Wash up! The recipient should take a shower or bath beforehand. Washing well with mild soap and a washcloth will lower the risk of sharing digestive bacteria. Using a douche isn't necessary, but it can provide some added assurance!

Focus on the rim
: Focus on the outside of the anus rather than stimulating the inside of the anal canal, lowering your chances of contracting bacteria.

Use a barrier: Using a dental dam creates a barrier between the mouth and anus and significantly reduces the risks of getting STIs. Check out Lorals! These are sexy, wearable dental dams.

How to Eat Ass like a Pro

As with oral sex, you've got an array of rimming moves to play and experiment with.

Use your tongue: Make your tongue soft, lick across the entire anus to stimulate those super sensitive nerve endings, and ask your partner for feedback.

Try these tongue techniques:

Circles: Try circling and swirling your tongue around the opening
Up and Down: Flick the tip of your tongue across it.
Half Moon: Make semi-circles up and around each side.
Push: Using your tongue to gently push different amounts of pressure with the tip of your tongue.


Get a little handsy: Incorporating clitoral, penis, or nipple play into the mix can heighten the entire experience! If your hands are a bit full, you can try a finger vibe, wearable vibrator or vibrating cock ring.

Add extra sensation for that chef's kiss! 

Add Lube: If you're using a dental dam, adding lubricant to the side touching the anus will help increase sensation. You can also try flavored lubes if you want to munch down on pineapple-flavored ass or even salted caramel!

Add a Vibrator: Vibration feels incredible on the outside of the anus! Try a finger vibrator or tease your partner's ass with a vibrating ass plug.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed our beginner's guide to rimming. Bon appetit, everyone 😊

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