Masturbators for People with Penises!

Please note that while this post highlights sex toys traditionally marketed to men (the straight man, the gay man, or both) we consider these products as best suited for people with penises or prostates, including nonbinary and trans folks. 

Mens Masterbaters - It's About Time!

We all have personal rituals to take care of our wellness, like going to the gym, reading a book, or meal prepping for the week ahead. Masturbation is another routine form of self-care! There’s a large body of scientific evidence to show that the chemicals and hormones released during masturbation help to boost our moods and make us feel better. Although masturbation is a normal and healthy human sexual behaviour with psychological benefits, it’s still heavily stigmatized. In recent years, societal perceptions around women’s masturbation have shifted, but this has not necessarily been the case for men.

Today, women who masturbate are usually celebrated for being sexually liberated, whereas men who masturbate are still considered lonely or desperate. We’ve all heard jokes about men on the prowl for sexual connection unsuccessfully retreating home and settling for their hand. Why this double standard? Masturbation, regardless of your sex or gender, is about self-discovery! It’s a way to nourish our bodies and minds. When we masturbate, we are better able to teach our partners how we like to be touched. 

DIY Male Masterbators - Take Control

At Wicked Wanda’s, we have a number of diverse masterbaters that can help you elevate your masturbation game! Masturbation for men is the act of stimulating the penis manually to provide pleasure. Masterbators are sex toys designed for penis self-stimulation. The most common type of masterbator is a masturbation sleeve usually made from squidgy silicone. The entrance to the sleeve can be designed to look like a vagina or a butthole, sometimes modeled after the body parts of famous adult film stars. You can also find non-anatomically correct sleeves that are more discreet. Found inside the sleeve are amazing textures designed to provide the penis with different sensations. With a little help from water-based lube, an erect penis can easily be inserted into a masterbation sleeve. Some masturbators come with features that help control the level of air suction around the penis. Like most sex toys, it’s very important to clean a masturbator after use to avoid infections and prevent it from degrading. Some of these toys will come with their own specialized cleaning kit, or you can purchase sex toy cleaner separately. Open it up, clean it and dry it out before your next self-pleasure session. 

Our Most Popular Masturbators Men Who Masturbate.

Check out some of our favourite masturbators available at Wicked Wanda’s online and in store: 

Written by Natalia Jaczkowski

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