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Although I’ve got a coochie… I LOVE a cock ring. As a vulva-owner who loves multiple sensory stimulation, a vibrating cock ring is a really appealing sex toy for partnered play because I can get the internal stimulation from penetrative sex while also receiving external vibrating stimulation against my glans clitoris. As research has shown, clitoral stimulation plays an important role in increasing pleasure for most women during vaginal penetrative sex.

For the last few months, I’ve been hunting for a better vibrating cock ring to use during penetrative sex. I wasn’t fully satisfied with the cock rings in my collection because either the bands were uncomfortable for my penis-owning partner or the vibrating component of the ring was shaped in a way to give me broad stimulation versus the pin-pointed and intense stimulation I prefer on my glans clitoris. When I discovered that Fun Factory had designed a unique vibrating cock ring specifically with vulva-owners in mind, I knew I had to test it out. 

I’m a HUGE fan of this German sex toy brand. You could call them the Porsche of the sex toy industry. Fun Factory maintains an impressive line-up of high-quality sex toys and are always leading in innovation. As a matter of fact, they were the first company to make sex toys with medical grade silicone for customer’s safety and the first to make a waterproof and rechargeable vibrator. One of the things I appreciate most about this company is the intentionality behind their design. They create toys that are versatile and lend well to exploration of all types of bodies. 

Like most other vibrating cock rings, the NŌS has a stretchy silicone band that is worn at the base of the penis with a small vibrator attached to it. In my opinion, what makes the NŌS stand out from other vibrating cock rings is the design of the vibrator component, which makes the power and delivery of vibrations superior. The vibrator component has two prongs, each with their own independent motor. The prongs are angled in a way to form a clamp around the glans clitoris when the NŌS is worn during penetrative sex or used as a finger vibrator. When the glans clitoris is situated perfectly between the prongs, it's stimulated by vibrations on either side simultaneously, which is honestly a mind-blowing experience. 


The best technique I have found for using the NŌS during penetrative sex is “rocking.” This technique involves the penis being held deep in the vagina instead of being thrust in and out. With this technique, the vulva-owner presses their glans clitoris against the base of the penis and then rhythmically rocks their body which provides added pressure on the glans clitoris. If the penis-owner is wearing the NŌS, the vulva-owner can experience even more pleasure by rocking against it instead, especially with their glans clitoris fit between the prongs. It may be helpful to reach down to adjust the position of the NŌS with your hands to find the perfect placement. I find cowgirl the best position for this technique as it gives you optimal control for rocking at your preferred pace. If you position the prongs in the opposite direction (downward versus upward), you can try this technique in reverse cowgirl.  

The NŌS has four vibration intensity levels and a “flirt” mode that randomly cycles through all of the vibrations for those who like variation. It’s really easy to use. There’s just one button which you press to turn on, go through the settings and turn off. Another unique feature of the NŌS is that it has two elevated pressure points on the ring placed where the veins of the penis are to restrict blood flow, which helps with achieving a stronger, longer-lasting erection. 

A bonus with this toy is that it comes with an amazing storage solution. It can be a buzzkill being in the middle of a heated moment and going to pull out a toy from your sexy treasure chest only to realize that it’s covered in dust. You’ll never have this issue with the NŌS so long as you store it in its pouch. It’s made from Tyvek®, a special synthetic material that’s lightweight and breathable, yet resistant to water and bacterial penetration. It will keep your NŌS lint-free!

Last note on the NŌS: Keep in mind that while the band is slim, it's larger than most in diameter. It’s ideal for those who fit in the average penis size of between 5.1 to 5.5 inches, and offers some room for those who are above average as well. 


Written by Natalia Jaczkowski

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