Oh My Wand! Magic Wand Rechargeable Review

Three words. Oh my wand!
Wow. So first let me start off by saying that I’ve never written a review for a toy in my life. After my first time using the Magic Wand Rechargeable I knew I had to spread the gospel!
Anytime I use this wand I ALWAYS end up having multiple orgasms. I even tried using this wand on my boyfriends shaft...and he loves it! We started using it during doggy style and it has been an absolute GAME CHANGER!
I have to talk about the 4 speeds that seem to range from WOW to holy f***ing sh*t. Awesome for forced orgasms. The range of speed is so freaking POWERFUL and delicious, yet it’s made even better with 4 extra patterns. (Shout out to variation 2!)
If you want a toy to spend all day in bed with, look no further. You can use the Magic Wand Rechargeable with the chord, without the chord, I even use it while it’s plugged into the wall charging. (Even though the battery seems to last forever??)
If you’re having difficulties having an orgasm, I’m begging you to try this toy. I’d recommend this wand to ANYONE who enjoys a powerful toy and a powerful orgasm! I mean even Samantha Jones used it. 
-Keira Ann

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