Pleasure Practice

Did you know that you can enhance sexual pleasure through the simple act of journaling?

Journaling is the practice of clearing mental and emotional space through writing. It’s not only a thing you do to pass the time or capture your memories, but it’s also a proven strategy to promote healing, manage stress and develop better self-understanding. On a journal page, you can meet yourself to reflect, laugh, cry, vent, and dream.

Regular journaling about sex and pleasure can help you:

  • Build self awareness about what turns you on
  • Identify sex positive contexts that work for you
  • Help you set goals and track progress 

Many people have the desire to try journaling, but don’t know where to start! Here are some writing prompts to help you with that:

  • What do you do to bring yourself pleasure? 
  • What do you wish you would do differently in self-pleasure?
  • How do you like to be touched? What don't you like?
  • What are three words to describe the type of sex you would like to have more of?
  • When do you feel most free to express yourself sexually?
  • What is a goal or desire in your sexuality that you want to work towards achieving?

When you’re ready to reflect on specific sexual experiences, whether it’s after a sexy session with a partner or solo sex, here are some writing prompts that will help you learn from them:

  • How was that experience for you? Describe it in detail.
  • What was great and what would you do differently?
  • What accelerated your turn on? What turned you off?
  • Did you experience an orgasm? How did that happen?

Journaling is an immensely liberating process. You will find that it helps you clear the daily accumulation of clutter in your mind and will help you shift perspectives when you feel stuck, which can happen when it comes to sex. Try journaling about sex and pleasure and discover what wisdom you are able to unlock!


Written by Natalia Jaczkowski


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