ArcWave Ion Penis Masturbator: Experience New Heights of Orgasmic Pleasure!

I was talking to a friend who recently tried the new Arcwave Ion, and he was radiating joy, explaining how this toy gave him the most intense full-body orgasms in recent memory. He describes this new type of orgasm as somewhere between the orgasm achieved through penile stimulation and prostate stimulation, accompanied by an intense sensation throughout the body, utterly different from "knocking one out." With a smile, he tells me, as a gay man with a penis (who knows cock really, really well), "I did not know a penis could give that feeling." 

 The Arcwave Ion is unique from other masturbators because it provides stimulation that targets the shaft's underside and frenulum. The frenulum is one of the penises' most sensitive erogenous zones that can deliver knee-buckling orgasms. In fact, some sex educators and texts even categorize frenulum-based orgasms as a different type of orgasm altogether, similar to clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms.

The Arcwave Ion promises "the closest thing to a female orgasm for men" using their patented Pleasure Air Technology. Unlike other masturbators, you don't penetrate or 'thrust' the Arcwave; instead, the penis is inserted, allowing the suction to do its thing. The Arcwaves patented Airpulse Technology adds suction and pulses against the shaft and frenulum, which edges you towards an intense orgasm.


😜🍆💦What is the frenulum? 😜🍆💦

The frenulum is a band of tissues located on the underside of the glands (or head) of the penis. It is shaped like a small V, and this band of skin helps the foreskin contract over the head of the penis for mobility. Generally speaking, the frenulum is the most sensitive and sexually responsive part of the penis because a ton of sensory nerves are packed in a small area. That said, be cautious when stimulating the frenulum, like a clitoris. Both the clitoris and frenulum contain ultra-sensitive Pacinian receptors; these are sensory receptors that respond to vibration and pressure changes in the skin.

😉 How to Stimulate the Frenulum 💧💧

The frenulum is responsive to light and soft touch or strokes. There is no right or wrong way, so you'll want to experiment with different ways of applying pressure or friction to the area and see what feels best for you.

✊🍆Get Handsy✊🍆

👍Hold the shaft of the penis with your fingers wrapped around the corona with your thumbs against the frenulum. Using a good amount of lubricant, apply light pressure, and tap and glide your thumbs over the area.

👌You can also experiment with stroking! Use lube and keep your strokes short towards the head of the penis, applying pressure to the frenulum.

🙌 The claw technique! With lube, use the pads of your fingers to softly massage up and down the head and frenulum.

🍧Lick and Swirl 👄

For those giving oral, let your tongue wander, do circles, drag it all around the underside of the penis head, and listen for verbal cues like moans to know you're in the right spot. A relaxed broad tongue delivers soft sensations, whereas a more engaged and pointed tongue is excellent for stimulating specific areas like the frenulum or corona.

💫Invite your Vibe to the Party 💫

Using vibrating toys on the frenulum can feel heavenly! At the lowest vibrating setting, slowly stroke the toy along the frenulum; keeping the toy pressed firmly against the area you can experiment with increasing the vibration intensity.

💧Bottom Line💧

Explore your sensuous and erotic body! Allow yourself to be curious and creative about pleasure by slowing down and enjoying the process instead of rushing to orgasm. Frenulum-based orgasms can take longer than penis orgasms, so practice being in your body, being patient, and staying relaxed. Then, lean into the sensation, and you'll reach new heights of pleasure. Show yourself and your frenulum some love!

Much Love,
MINX  😘 


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