Sensual Suction Bliss: Size Matters Max Twist Trio Suckers

Jan 29, 2024

I've always envied those with super-sensitive nipples, capable of climaxing with just a gentle touch. Personally, I need a bit of pressure, some squeezing, maybe even a playful nibble. So, when I got my hands on these suction cylinders, my excitement was through the roof.

Size Matters Max Twist Trio Suckers

Applying these self-contained suction devices was a game-changer. As they rushed blood flow to my skin and nipples, the heightened sensitivity was like a tantalizing prelude. My partner, catching on to the newfound responsiveness, teased me with the tip of his teeth. The throbbing in my pussy was undeniable, and I couldn't resist thrusting into him.

Things got even steamier when he introduced a spreading bar, slicking up my pussy and using the suction tool to glide up and down my vulva. Tugging on it provocatively, he kept the suction on my hood while skillfully fingering me. The combination of suction and fingers had me in a state of blissful arousal.

A little advice for fellow thrill-seekers – no need to twist too much. These suckers work swiftly, and there's no need to crank them up to eleven. Take your time to savor the sensations. When he finally took them off, even a simple blow and on my clit could bring about an orgasmic crescendo. The evening was nothing short of mind-blowing, and these suction cylinders are now a staple in our playtime arsenal. For those who crave intensity and want to amplify their pleasure, these discreet and powerful suction devices are an absolute must-try.


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