Tenga Spinner Review by: Diego Tremblay

To quote Wicked Wanda herself: "The Spinner is Winner!"

Sometimes in life, one comes across a key piece of technology whose power to upgrade our lives is immediate and sensual; a product so well-designed, affordable and intricate as to make even the greatest connoisseur blush. Allow me to introduce the Tenga Spinner (model 01: Tetra), which I was recommended by Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium. 

As a physical labourer in his 30s who worked tirelessly through the pandemic, my profession often leads to pent-up physical tension which begs for release. Being self-sufficient, I prefer a solution at hand over a lengthy investment on Tinder or other such platforms. So when my week of hauling loads (of furniture, you rascals) is over, it's essential to make time for self-satisfaction in order to lubricate the body for the next week's work.

Enter the Spinner.

Having previously tested and reviewed higher end products, my expectations were tempered for this little bad boy; they would soon be blown out of the water thanks to the Tenga's uniquely sensual design. The main feature of the toy is the inner spiral ribbing of silicone nubs, cleverly engineered to stimulate all parts of the penis. Although the deep end is closed to create a pleasurable suction, appropriate lubricant will allow the Tenga's inner texture to caress your member in the gentlest manner. For the cheekiest customer, a hot/cold lubricant can turn your Johnson from an Itsakadoozie popsicle to a pleasantly-fiery tornado in a matter of minutes. 

This product is easily worth the purchase as an efficiently functional sexy toy; be sure to check out Tenga's new variants of the Spinner product if you're feeling particularly randy. Cheers!

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