The Top 7 Penis Pleasure Toys of 2023 (So Far)

Get ready to rev up the pleasure with our countdown of the best dick toys of the year (so far)! These top sellers for penis pleasure are here to take your pleasure game to new heights and leave you craving more. Whether you're flying solo or sharing the excitement with a partner, these pleasure-packed toys are guaranteed to deliver mind-blowing sensations and unforgettable experiences. From innovative strokers to powerful vibrators, these toys have captured the hearts (and other parts) of pleasure enthusiasts worldwide. So, buckle up and get ready for a pleasure-filled journey as we unveil the cream of the crop in the world of penis pleasure! 🌟🍆💫 

  1. Ion ArcWave: Experience a game-changer in pleasure with the world's first Pleasure Air™ male masturbator - Arcwave Ion. Enthusiasts worldwide are singing its praises, as this revolutionary toy introduces a whole new type of orgasm. Unleash the power of unique pulsating airwaves that stimulate sensitive Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum, offering an orgasmic experience like never before. Get ready to redefine pleasure and embark on a journey of ecstasy with Arcwave Ion! Watch more here 

  2. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II:

    The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Penis Massager, focuses intense vibrations to the head of your penis! This luxury massager surrounds the tip of the penis with its soft, comfortable, velvety interior made of medical-grade silicone. From gentle to powerful, the two delicately places motors deliver thrilling vibrations to the most sensitive part of the penis, the head, making you gasp uncontrollably. Cobra Libre doesn't need to be moved back and forth by hand – Just park yourself in the toy so you can just concentrate on breathtaking sensations and enjoy the ecstasy! With its futuristic design, the Cobra Libre II is a real eye catcher. 

    Watch our full review here!

  3. Fun Factory Manta: The Manta is an award-winning penis toy! Discover your favorite pleasure spots with Manta, the targeted vibrations and exhilarating stroking sensations. Experiment by holding it over and under the head, along the shaft, and against the base of your penis to find what drives you wild!

    Manta is amazing for coupled play too! Find the perfect position that allows both of you to hold the stroker between you for intensified sensations. Whether it's in a missionary position or when your partner is on top, the vibrations will electrify both of you.

    Experience a mind-blowing BJ blast-off with Manta. Glide the lubed-up stroker to the base of your shaft for an extra-sensational blowjob. The added coverage creates the feeling of a vibrating deep-throat BJ, taking pleasure to new heights.

    Unlock the thrilling possibilities with MANTA Vibrating Stroker by Fun Factory and ignite your passion with targeted vibrations and electrifying sensations. The pleasure journey awaits you! Watch for more about Manta!

  4. Tenga Spinner: The Tenga Spinner is a high-quality, reusable masturbator with a twist! Its internal sleeve is equipped with a spiral design that twists and rotates as you move it up and down the shaft. This spinning motion generates stimulating sensations that vary depending on the user's speed and rhythm. Made from soft and stretchy materials, the Tenga Spinner is easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting pleasure.

  5. Oxballs Cocksling 2: The Cocksling 2 by Oxballs is one of our best selling cock rings! Experience the future of pleasure with its innovative, lightweight, and rubbery design that expertly grips and pushes your package, creating a bigger, harder bulge. This unique shape seamlessly combines the benefits of a cockring's erection-enhancing effects and the delightful tugging sensation of a ball stretcher. Get ready for an unparalleled experience that takes pleasure to new heights!  Made from a flexible and stretchy material, it fits snugly around the base of the penis and testicles, providing a gentle constriction that can lead to longer-lasting and firmer erections. 

  6. Fun Factory Nos:

    The NŌS, the vibrating cock ring engineered exclusively for real human penises, not just smooth displays. The innovative design deviates from the circular norm, recognizing that your penis isn't perfectly symmetrical. Instead, Fun Factory has strategically included targeted pressure points to stimulate sensitive veins on the shaft, ensuring an experience tailored to your unique anatomy.

    Designed to elevate pleasure for both partners, the NŌS features rumbly extensions that expertly hug the clit with dual-motor vibration. Enjoy synchronized orgasms and longer-lasting erections, making your intimate moments truly unforgettable.

    NŌS is flexible and super-soft build, guaranteed to fit perfectly. With intuitive touch control, you can effortlessly change settings in the heat of the moment, amplifying pleasure at your fingertips.

    Unleash the true potential of pleasure with the NŌS, the vibrating cock ring that ensures a truly personalized and exhilarating experience for everyone involved. Embrace the innovation that awaits you and embark on a journey of pleasure like never before! Read our full review here

  7. Dorcel Fun Bag:

    Fun bag is a unique testicle and penis stimulator that takes pleasure to a whole new level. This innovative device is designed to improve erection strength and delay ejaculation, making it the perfect addition to your intimate playtime.

    Crafted from super stretchy and comfortable silicone, Fun Bag offers an unparalleled experience in stimulating your testes, penis, and perineum. Its soft, body-safe material ensures a pleasurable and safe encounter every time.

    Easy to use, simply slide FUN BAG to the base of your shaft, allowing it to snugly envelop your balls. Get ready to explore the nine tantalizing vibration settings that cater to your every desire. Whether you're seeking gentle caresses or more intense sensations, FUN BAG has you covered.


    Whether you're a seasoned pleasure enthusiast or new to the world of sex toys, these top 7 penis pleasure toys are here to elevate your intimate playtime and bring your wildest fantasies to life.

    So, let's continue to celebrate pleasure in all its forms and create a sex-positive culture that empowers and embraces pleasure for everyone. Let's keep exploring, discovering, and delighting in the incredible world of pleasure together! 🌟🍆💫

Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning, maintenance, and safe use to get the most out of these adult toys. Enjoy exploring and discovering your favorite pleasure-enhancing companion! 

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