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Wicked Wanda's has offered the latest cutting-edge technology in sex-positive toys for over 30 years. That is why we have the best selection of sex toys in-store and available online across Canada. We are your source for quality, LGBTQ+ friendly sex toys, lingerie, and adult novelty items. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we understand your fetish.

Newmarket, Ontario, is a city that offers fantastic amenities and opportunities to its residents. For years Newmarket has been named one of the top communities in Canada to live in! The criteria that gave the city this fame included access to healthcare, home affordability, climate/lifestyle factors like recreation or nightlife, as well as transportation. Newmarket truly is a multicultural city and supports many different cultures and ethnicities! The town of Newmarket has a fantastic downtown that includes shops if you're looking for somewhere close to grab a candy bar or even want to purchase some new clothes!

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Owning your pleasure is the fastest way to boost self-confidence, optimism, and empathy. It also helps you speak up when needed in work or school situations and social ones like family and friends. Wicked Wanda's helps residents of Newmarket by providing complementary sex education for sex toys that we provide. Our sex educators are friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to assist you in your quest for sexual wellness. Whether it's an introduction or just some advice on how best to use that new sex toy, we are here to help.