Anal Fantasy Classix Prostate Stimulator Review

I’m very new to the world of anal play, and the thought of sticking something up my butt honestly scared me. That was until some delightful rimming and light ass play with my partner. These new sensations definitely had me curious to dive in a little deeper. The Classix Prostate Stimulator is the first toy I've ever used. It was a sensation I had never felt before and an undiscovered pleasure I’ve been indulging in ever since.
The size of the head isn’t too big which is great for me as I am still a beginner who is learning his body and exploring prostate pleasures.
The stimulation I get when I hit my prostate is intense and I found the shape of the toy gives me full control of my pleasure from any position I am in. Laying down on a comfortable surface works best for angling and targeting my prostate versus standing up. Getting to orgasm while stimulating my prostate and cock at the same time has brought me to some of the most intense climaxes I’ve ever had and I’m excited to continue using this toy to explore my body further.

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