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Picking the Perfect Lube

Let's talk lube! Often overlooked or misunderstood, lube is an easy way to enhance your sex life. Check out our guide to picking the perfect lube for your pleasure play. 
What’s up PELVIC FLOOR?  #freedom

What’s up PELVIC FLOOR? #freedom

Did you know that 1 in 3 people will suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) in their lifetime? Are you wondering why this is the first time you are hearing about it? Are you wondering which professionals to seek out if you need help? Want to know about kegeling? Read on!

Say Goodbye to Painful Sex! #byebye

Say Goodbye to Painful Sex! #byebye

The Ohnut has reduced or alleviated sexual pain and soreness for women experiencing Bladder pain syndrome (BPS), Interstitial cystitis, the pain of Fibroids or Pelvic inflammation, Menopause or genitourinary syndrome, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Chronic pain like vulvodynia, Post-surgical vaginal swelling, Endometriosis or Adenomyosis, Pelvic floor dysfunction, vaginismus, dyspareunia or postpartum pain.