Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Value Pack

As a student who leads a pretty busy life, you need a few stress-relief tactics if you want to succeed; as a guy who learned the art of self-gratification before junior high, I've always been partial to a good wank when times get tough. So when I was recently offered the opportunity to review Fleshlight's new Quickshot sleeve, I knew I was in for a good Reading Week! Having finished my midterms, I can say with confidence that I was not disappointed!

The Value Pack I received included the sleeve, a bottle of lubricant and a bottle of cleaning fluid. The instructions were handy, especially where safety and hygiene are concerned; when you're pumping the piston at undergraduate levels, cleanliness is -always- of the utmost importance. The sleeve features unscrewable caps on both ends, which can be used to create a suction when one end is capped. The sleeve's gel material is ribbed on the inside and feels high-tech, like a cyborg vagina designed to reach every nerve-ending; the plastic cylinder is made of robust plastic and is comfortable to grip.

Studying for a Calculus midterm presented the perfect opportunity to put my new toy to use. Having used two of Fleshlight's products before, I began my benchmarking session with a dollop of the provided lube and a stimulating video courtesy of PornHub. Pro-tip: running warm water through the sleeve for a few minutes prior to use can greatly enhance the experience. On first insertion… I realized that the future had arrived, and my days of frustrated learning would be a thing of the past! The interior has a uniquely-arousing, organic feeling which massages the member in a smooth embrace of gel nubs. Even though I'm experienced when it comes to self-satisfaction, the Quickshot was pleasurable enough to make me precocious within 10 minutes. Taking the time to enjoy the product, I persevered for another 10 minutes before the climax came irresistibly. The toy's design even makes those few seconds post-orgasm a comfortable experience (which the refractory period, usually, is not). The post-testing clean-up was easy; the lube is water-soluble and the sleeve rinses well with soap and warm water. For a more rigorous cleaning, the provided solution can be used.

In sum, Fleshlight has just delivered a fantastic new product for the modern man on-the-go; when frustration and angst come knocking, you can always count on the Quickshot for that sweet release and deep relief. I could go on at length about the product, but a little mystery is the best aphrodisiac.

Cheers and enjoy!

Jimmy Sanchez

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