KINK 101

At Wicked Wanda’s, we are kink-positive people! What exactly does that mean? Here’s a brief primer for you all :)

 Kink is an umbrella term that generally refers to sexual preferences or behaviours not considered as conventional. It’s anything that falls outside of the dominant hetero-normative cultural narrative about what normal sex is - stuff like touching, kissing, oral sex, penetration, etc. 

 The world of kink is VAST! Here are some examples of kinks:

  • Bondage: tying limbs together while using restraints like handcuffs, ropes or chains
  • Disciple: psychological restraint or use of physical punishment such as whipping
  • Dominance and submission: rituals that involve giving or receiving control/power
  • Sadism and masochism: the exchange of physical or emotional pain for pleasure

*all of the above are commonly grouped together and referred to as BDSM)

  • Group sex: sex involving three or more people
  • Role playing: assuming characters and acting out sexual fantasies 
  • Virtual sex: any sexual stimulation practiced via the internet or electronic communication devices.
  • Voyeurism: gaining pleasure from watching others engage in sexual activities

Why is it great to be kinky? It means you embrace a variety of behaviours in the bedroom that can lead you to greater satisfaction! When you’re open-minded to different options, you can easily stay in the flow of your pleasure and adapt as needed to be in sync with your partner(s). 

 It’s worth differentiating kink and fetish as they are often incorrectly thought to mean the same thing. A fetish is a type of kink where a person has a deep and abiding form of sexual attraction to an inanimate object, which can be a body part (e.g. feet). Whereas many people engaging in kink play do not need fetishes to enjoy sex (the kink is simply a nice bonus to enhance the experience), a fetish is a requirement in order to become aroused. Some fetishes can interfere with relationships and may need therapeutic treatment if they are causing distress or impairment in people's lives. 

Despite the negative impression society has imposed on us - kinky sex is healthy and offers many postiive benefits! Practicing kink play allows folks to express themselves, explore their creativity, and improve their wellness. Break free from limiting societal norms and consider introducing some more kink into your sex life!

Written by Natalia Jaczkowski

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