Liver & Libido? Nutritionist Flora Crichton shares fun facts to help us feel AMAZING.

We caught up with London's most wholesome Nutritionist Flora Crichton and learned something new about liver health and libido. You'd never imagine what your cholesterol levels can tell you about your sex drive!

Here's what she had to say:

The livers primary role is detoxification. Essentially, any substance which is harmful to us, is transformed into a less harmful form, to then be excreted by the body.

The lifestyle choices we make influence our livers ability to do this….

Things the liver needs to detoxify:

•Food additives
•Refined sugars

Your diet only contributes to about 20% of the amount of cholesterol in your blood, while your liver creates the other 80%. Your liver makes cholesterol when your liver needs to protect itself. In these situations, your liver acts like an anti-inflammatory. Digestive issues and autoimmune diseases all create higher inflammation in the body, driving the liver to make more cholesterol. One of the best ways to reduce and support your cholesterol is to support the liver and deal with any inflammation in the body.

High blood cholesterol poses a problem. What is often not understood is cholesterol should be converted into sex hormones. When it accumulates instead in the blood as high cholesterol, lower levels of our sex hormones are produced. Your sex hormones e.g. oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone make you feel vibrant and alive, and when in balance, make you feel amazing.

Specific nutrients support the liver and can help to lower cholesterol levels, by driving the conversion of cholesterol into sex hormones. This, in turn, supports our mood, our confidence, reduces hormonal imbalances, such as PMS, menstrual issues, low libido, to name a few."

If you love Flo as much as we do, follower her posts here for all things healthy!

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