My Ultimate Self-Care Tool: We-Vibe Melt Review

Masturbation as Self-Care

Let’s be real folks, the world is bizarre right now and we don’t really know where life is going to take us from one day to the next. Self-care messages and are flooding our newsfeeds but what does ‘self-care’ look like? It’s not just bubbles baths, body butters and a glass of wine. Taking care of yourself is taking time to tend to your emotional and physical body. Masturbation is a really useful form of self-care that can help us cope with the stresses of life, plus it’s a lot of fun! Masturbation actually releases feel-good hormones (endorphins) that are beneficial to overall health: reduces stress, strengthens our immune system, increases libido and energy, improves our emotional well-being, great exercise for the pelvic floor and better sleep.

Sex Toys are Self-Care Tools

Sex-toys are a wonderful way to explore our bodies and experience pleasure in new and interesting ways. A personal favorite of mine is the Melt by We-Vibe. If you want to experience an unforgettable orgasm, the Melt should be on your clit, I mean, list! The Melt is a clit stimulator that uses air pulsation to suck the clitoris. Yes, basically oral sex in a toy! The future is now people! The Melt gives me multiple orgasms, the kind I’ve never experience with my hands or any other toy. The first setting (speed/intensity) is gentle and is perfect for getting warmed up, as the suction increases the clit becomes engorged and orgasms are handed out like an Oprah giveaway - YOU GET AN ORGASM! YOU GET AN ORGASM! Seriously, this toy is a game changer.

The We-Connect App allows your partner to control your Melt from anywhere in the world!

As with most We-Vibe products there is the option to download the We-Connect App that allows your partner to control the toy from their smartphone. All you need to do is both download the app and send a private invitation 😉

The Melt is a lovely, lightweight, and, whisper quiet toy made entirely of body-safe silicone. The Melt has 12 intensities and it’s also waterproof and rechargeable with a 2-year warranty.

I love this toy because the sensation is so unique! The Melt is unlike any toy in my collection (and I have a BIG collection) and has been my go-to for months. Air technology is relatively new in the world of sex toys and it is here to stay. Whether you’re seeking a toy for solo-play or with a partner(s), the Melt by is a winner!


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