We-Vibe Nova Reviewed

Nov 21, 2019

By: Lilith

With the surge of popularity after the Jack Rabbit was featured in the television series Sex in the City (2001), it seems Rabbit toys have taken over the sex toy industry. I see lots of young and older women coming in and knowing the Jack Rabbit because they've either always used them or they've been told that is the only kind of vibrator to use. Of course, the Jack Rabbit is a brand and not what that type of toy is actually called, kinda like Kleenex and facial tissues. I like to call these toys dual stimulators and I'll be honest I don't like most of these types of toys. I find that they often have way to much going on, spinning beads, thrusting, vibrating, twirling heads and the clitoral attachment on top -my vag gets straight up confused! Let alone, often how deep i'd like the toy to penetrate makes the clitoral attachment almost painful by having it jab into my clit. Not fun. 

That's why I love the Nova. It is about time that sex toy designers truly update the dual stimulation design and have it actually fit variations of vulvas and vaginas, not everyone is the same after all! But first, the specs

  • Two powerful motors that work in harmony for increased pleasure
  • 10+ vibration modes plus create your own with the We-Connect™ app
  • Works with the We-Connect app for more control and additional features
  • USB rechargeable — charges in 90 minutes for 2 hours of pleasure
  • Low-power alert indicator
  • Whisper quiet
  • 100% waterproof
  • Made with body-safe silicone — free from phthalates, latex and BPA
  • Eco-friendly — carbon-neutral manufacturing
  • 1-year warranty

(from we-vibe.com)

Pretty impressive right? So back to why I love this toy. The curve of the penetrative part makes a lot of sense for g-spot stimulation. It is exaggeratedly curved and hard without being very large, this is perfect for g-spot stimulation as many women need quite a bit of pressure for that kind of play but don't want to be bruised around their vaginal opening by a big toy. It is also made of a beautifully soft silicone that is really easy to clean and well, simply put, looks super cute. So g-spot, check. 

I am a huge clit vibration lover. My usual is the Magic Wand Rechargeable after all so I like some power and pressure to say the least. That is usually the issue with clitoral attachments on dual stimulators, there isn't enough pressure or for some it is way too much in order for it to stimulate my g-spot. It has been a frustrating journey, even had a dual stimulator get stuck behind my pubic bone, that was... not fun. That is why I like the Nova so much, the clitoral part is super flexible and rolls into the center of the toy so when I go deeper, the bit doesn't jab in but rather rolls under to allow for a more thumb-like coverage, comfortably vibrating in the right spot. 

Pro tip: while using the vibrator as designed with the clitoral part going against the clit and so on is great, putting the clit attachment up over the pubus and having it rest over top of your muff makes the insertable part perfectly rest against your g-spot with enough pressure to be flipping amazing! You can leave it in to keep yourself warm while you rest between orgasms or slight rocking of the handle pushes you just over the edge again and again. 

I've tried a lot of sex toys, believe me, it's for science, but that said the best vibrating g-spot toy I've ever tried is by far the We-Vibe Nova. It is also really reasonably priced for a high-end rechargeable dual stimulator. The charging is super easy too and there are a ton of settings. 

While I didn't find it overly useful by myself because I have the hand-eye coordination of a pirate, the Nova and the Rave are app compatible. However, I could see this really helping if you are a button-masher when you're close to orgasm. I've definitely lost my groove before trying to up the vibration and accidentally hit the wrong button so the app is really handy to take the guess work out of your controls. It also could be fun to tease a partner with and of course We-Vibe is known for being great for long distance fun too. 

Critiques: I don't have many critiques for this toy but there are a couple. Mainly, the controls on the toy itself is not easy to use. They are often confusing and you should definitely read the instructions if you want to get the fullest out of the toy. I also wish there was more constant settings rather then pulsating patterns. The reality is that while patterns are great for the tease, most people don't actually orgasm from them, at least in my experience. Most people need some kind of constant pressure and vibration to finish off. The app still needs some work, sometimes it disconnects and it is a pain in the ass to get it back connected. This isn't a critique of the toy itself because all of the app compatible toys for we-vibe use the same app but rather the app itself still has room to improve. That said, sometimes the issue is that the app needs an update, so if you're having this issue then make sure to check that out as a solution. 


Otherwise, my critiques are far out weighted by what I love about this toy. Oh and did I mention it has a two year warranty? We-vibe is well known for having phenomenal customer service as they should considering Ottawa is their hometown. You lose a charging cord or have any issues and a quick email, and they will take care of you. It is that easy, which is refreshing for a big sex toy company. I would absolutely recommend this toy for those who want a g-spot toy that vibrates or not and of course if you like the Jack Rabbit and want an update, the Nova is ready to blow your mind. 

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