We-Vibe Pivot Review

By: Stoya

The Pivot by We-Vibe is an essential addition to any penis owner’s sex toy collection. This wonderful little machine takes luxury to the next level with a super powerful and easily rechargeable motor and a sleek silicone coating that is totally waterproof.

My partner, who we will affectionately refer to as T, and I have tried cockrings in the past. They were of a lesser quality and did not really impress either of us. That is why I was so pleased to see how excited my partner was with our new toy. The tight grip allowed him to thrust harder and faster without having to worry about ejaculating. However, due to the deep vibrations, when it was his turn to cum he found himself able to achieve orgasm quickly and to an extent that was very satisfying. He especially enjoyed the fun app feature of this toy. The pivot can connect to your phone by bluetooth, allowing you to flick through the 10 different tantalizing vibration patterns from your cellphone. My partner really enjoyed when I was in control of the app, which left him guessing about what would happen next and how intense or teasing the sensation would be.

The only critique of the product would be the one size fits all concept. My partner likes a particularly tight grip around his penis, with that being said, he did remark that it was very snug fit. If you are someone that needs a bit of breathing room, I’d recommend looking at the Verge by We-vibe. This toy is very similar to the Pivot, however is designed to go around both the penis and the balls and therefore has a larger diameter.

Not only was it very arousing to see how much pleasure this toy brought my partner, but it also had features that extended to myself as well. I was very excited to use it as a vibrator on my clit, as the motor is impressively powerful, smooth and led to intense orgasms. Being penetrated while my partner used the pivot was quite a treat. Although the vibration was not consistent enough to bring me to climax, it gave me teasing pleasure, especially when he would grind into me. I also had a lot of fun controlling the toy from my phone while he gave me cunniligus.

My partner and I do not live in the same city and therefore have our fair share of Skype sex. What has always attracted me to We-Vibe products is they really cater to long distance couples. Not only was my partner able to hook up the Pivot to his phone through bluetooth, but then I was able to connect via wifi and control the toy while being in another country! We did find we had to re-pair the toy with his phone a couple times throughout the session, but overall I was very impressed with the technology.

What I loved most about The Pivot is that it enhances all elements of sex. It can easily be used solo to spice up masturbation. Your partner can wear it during foreplay to add extra sensation. And then of course during penetration which adds extra fun to both parties experience. I cannot stop raving about this product to anyone who will listen and I can’t wait to try more toys by We-Vibe!

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