What are Breast Forms?

Breast forms, also known as breast prostheses, are artificial breasts that can be worn inside a bra or attached directly to the body. They are typically used by people who have had a mastectomy or other breast surgery, or who have a naturally small chest and want to create the appearance of larger breasts.

Breast forms come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Some are made from silicone, while others may be filled with foam, gel, or other materials. They may have a realistic texture and appearance, with details such as nipples and veins, or they may be smooth and featureless.

There are several different types of breast forms available, including full forms that cover the entire chest, partial forms that can be worn on one side, and attachable forms that can be worn without a bra. Some breast forms are designed to be worn while swimming or participating in other activities.

Breast forms can be an important part of the healing and recovery process for people who have undergone breast surgery, helping to restore a sense of confidence and femininity. They can also be a cosmetic option for people who want to enhance their appearance and create a more feminine silhouette. It is important to choose high-quality breast forms that fit well and are comfortable to wear.