b-Vibe bump in Mint

b-Vibe bump in Mint
b-Vibe bump in Mint
b-Vibe bump in Mint
b-Vibe bump in Mint

b-Vibe bump in Mint

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Picture the sleek and enticing design of the Bump, crafted with the sole purpose of delivering intense sensations and electrifying ecstasy. Its streamlined silhouette promises a journey of unbridled passion and breathtaking pleasure. As the smooth, body-safe silicone glides against your skin, you'll feel the heat rising within you. Activate the powerful vibrations, and let the Bump take you on a sizzling adventure that leaves you gasping for more.

With each pulse and throb, the Bump awakens your senses, teasing and tantalizing with a level of intensity that leaves you weak at the knees. Surrender to the intoxicating rhythm as it courses through your body, building the heat and desire to an inferno. The strategically placed ridges and contours of the Bump create an exquisite texture that heightens every movement, intensifying the pleasure to unimaginable levels. With each thrust, each stroke, the Bump delivers an erotic dance of pleasure that leaves you craving for the next scorching touch.

The convenient controls allow you to customize your experience, from gentle teasing to mind-blowing pulsations, ensuring that the Bump perfectly matches your desires and propels you toward the peak of pleasure.


Created by the self-described "dildo duchess," the b-Vibe Texture Plugs can be used for both anal and vaginal play. Use the one-touch button to indulge in six vibration patterns that deliver sensual orgasms!

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