Doc Johnson Body Extensions - Be Naughty

Specially created for playful people of all genders, super comfy and extra secure no matter what, Doc's body extensions be naughty set welcomes everyone and every body to the wonderful world of (vibrating!) strap-on sex. Hopefully this goes without saying, but we welcome you, too!

Seriously user friendly, the be naughty features one of the most simple and totally innovative designs we've ever seen. A soft harness with stretchy elastic waistband and booty-skimming back straps slips easily over the hips. There are no buckles or straps to worry about, just 4 hardy snaps that secure a silky, 100% silicone vibrating base to the waist and back-band. 

be naughty's curvy vibrating area sits just below the penetrator, lining up with its wearer's outer sweet spots. There are ten modes of vibration up for the choosing- each can be activated and varied on the harness itself, or by using an included remote. Oh, and speaking of vibration, it's rechargeable via USB. Options!

You'll notice two little openings on either side of the harness's dildo slot, they're all you'll need to secure one of three included silicone dildos. Just slip the base of the 7" Bulbed, 7.5" Slim or 8" Large dildo in behind- it features simple tabs that line up with those openings. Just press into place and play away!

Speaking of the dildos, each silky smooth silicone shape offers you or your partner a sexy stretch and lots of deep-reaching sensation. Hollow at the interior and nice and sturdy, they'll fits your/their genitals comfortably. Side note: Watch for more body extensions accessories to come- this is a brand new line, and we're expecting it to take off! 

In premium hypoallergenic silicone (minus the waist and back-band), the be naughty dildos and harness are extra easy to clean and require little to no special maintenance. Wash each piece using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam before and after use- the silicone components can also be boiled or bleached for more thorough sterilization. Please enjoy a favorite water based lube only, avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products. Remote requires 2 AAA batteries (sold separately). Fits waist sizes 28" (71cm) to 48" (121cm)

  • body extensions Vibrating Harness
  • 7" Bulbed dildo
  • 7.5" Slim dildo
  • 8" Large dildo
  • Remote
  • Charge cord