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Calexotics Booty Teaser

Tease and tantalize your senses with the Booty Call™ Booty Teaser™ from our sensual and stimulating collection. This unique product combines the smooth and erotic movements of the Booty Rocker™ with an advanced dual groove plug that can provide greater, deeper action and prostate pleasure. Rock your way to a heightened level of ecstasy and let the smooth, flexible plug head excite your senses and reignite your passion in the bedroom. Whether you use this pleasurable product on your own in the privacy of your own home or you, share it with a partner in foreplay, the grooved probe will not disappoint. Made with a pure silicone material, this toy is safe enough to use even in your most sensitive areas, inside or outside of the body. Together with its EZ pull handle for simple retrieval, we can guarantee that this best-selling product is user-friendly for all. The uniquely shaped dual groove plug will send waves of pleasure through your body and give you a deeper, more satisfying sensation. It is highly recommended for single person use or as a new starter toy to spice up your love life. Not only is the probe ideal for sharing between partners but it’s extremely easy to clean after use, so it’s a hygienic choice of toy. It measures 3.5” in length and 0.75” in width, plus it’s lightweight enough to carry with you as a handy travel item. Ideal for storing anywhere and looks wonderfully discreet.