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Colosso 2 by ViViLO

The Brand New COLOSSO 2

Another Phenomenon!

Now… With Stimulating

Clitoral Acupressure System!

Colosso shakes! Its back and forth movements are so powerful that the spasms of your orgasm will give you the impression of being the epicenter of an earthquake!

COLOSSO 2, a true force of nature offered by the prestigious VIVILO collection. COLOSSO 2 will shake you with its so strong back-and-forth movements, that its tremors will seem like earthquakes whose epicenter will simply be you!

The curved head of COLOSSO 2 is precisely designed to stimulate the G-spot ... For those who have discovered it, it will still be '' La Femme Fontaine '', for others, COLOSSO 2 will be the closest to you and the discovery of your G-spot. Its penetrating thrusts are fast, or slow, you choose the rhythm, there are 7 different ones. The penetrating part of COLOSSO 2 does not vibrate, it penetrates you with virility, you will not have to move or force, it does all the work.

COLOSSO 2 is also equipped with a brand new concept of clitoral vibrator; the 6-speed Acupressure's constantly jiggling on the clitoris! Everything is there to ensure in one way or another, an exceptional moment in your sex life. COLOSSO 2, another VIVILO product that offers you the perfect balance between comfort, efficiency, safety and price. Phthalate-free, odorless, it is rechargeable so no need for batteries. COLOSSO 2 gives you peace of mind with its Five-year warranty.

Made of ABS plastic and silicone, odorless, phthalate free and anti-allergenic
Rechargeable: rechargeable lithium battery and USB cable
Autonomy: 30 minutes at full speed
Recharge time: 2 hours
Splash proof only
Clitoral stimulation by acupressure
Dimension: 23 centimeters including the handle
Warranty: 5 Years