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Doc Johnson Ultra Harness 2 & Plug

Doc Johnson Ultra Harness 2 & Plug

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Vac-U-Lock System Classic!

Product Description:
The Vac-U-Lock® Ultra Harness with Plug is a lock system harness created by Doc Johnson that is compatible with a wide range of Vac-U-Lock® attachments. Made from vinyl, this harness is very sturdy and features adjustable strap and buckles, fitting waist sizes from 26" - 53" inches, so perfect for most harness users.  This unisex harness features an open crotch for easy access to the vagina when worn by a woman, and added comfort for male users to allow their scrotum and/or penis to hang free.  Or use for double penetration with the aid of a dildo attachment to accompany the man’s penis.

The Ultra Harness II comes complete with a revolutionary Vac-U-Lock® plug which allows it to attach to any Vac-U-Lock® compatible accessory.  Choose from a wide range of dildos, butt plugs, double dildos in a variety of shapes and sizes (see People Who Bought Also Bought below), this harness is suitable for use with all Vac-U-Lock attachments and designed to suit all preferences.

The benefits of this modular system are the unique Vac-U-Locking ability that mounts sex toy attachments firmly for non-slip action. Simply squeeze the desired attachment onto the Vac-U-Lock® plug where it creates a vacuum suction, then snap into place to secure your toy for even the most passionate action. The harness dildo now becomes a natural-feeling extension of your own body giving you amazing control and stability while you pleasure your partner. 

Make sure to add Vac-u-lock Powder to your cart during checkout, which allows for smoother mounting of your harness and attachments. If you are searching for the most secure harness with the greatest versatility of attachments, yours to command, this is the harness for you. Made of durable materials to last for years of pleasure, this is the only harness you will ever need.


Waist: 26" - 53" inches

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