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ElectraStim Consumables Replacement Cables

ElectraStim Consumables Replacement Cables


It’s important to keep your ElectraStim cables in good working order to ensure safety during play. If your connecting wire has seen better days then it may be time to replace it.

Our universal connecting cable is compatible with our full range of ElectraStim stimulators and has 2 x 2mm pin connectors that fit all of our electrodes.


We include a connecting cable with all of our stimulators but due to the nature of wires, they will eventually need replacing. If you’re finding that stimulation cuts out during play despite a full battery charge or your wire is looking worse for wear, then replace it with this cable.

It features our universal 2mm pins and the input is compatible with all of our ElectraStim stimulation units. You will need a connecting wire for each channel on your stimulator, so if you have a dual-channel stimulator like the ElectraStim Flick EM80, you should replace both wires periodically.

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